Leather dog collars: Are they safe or not? List of the safest ones

Are leather dog collars safe

Many people use leather dog collars because they are organic and durable. Dog collars are used for the protection and identification of dogs. People attach tags to their dogs’ collars that help them to recognize their dogs, and they help find the dogs if they get lost. But some collars can hurt dogs because they are not suitable and cause injuries, but leather collars are safe to use.

There are many advantages to wearing a leather collar, such as the fact that leather collars are more durable than other fabrics.

The buckles of leather are also special compared to other collars.


The leather collar will last a long time and the dogs can not break it easily.


A leather collar mostly has a belt buckle with holes. Puppies always keep growing, therefore leather collars are more suitable for them because they can be adjusted as the dog’s hair grows.

Leather collar types include

  1. Flat leather collars
  2. Rolled leather collars.

Flat collar

The flat leather collar, also known as the buckle collar, is one of the most common types of the leather collar. They are mostly suitable for short-haired dogs because a rolled leather collar may cause breakage of fur around the neck of your long-haired dog. These collars help to distribute the pressure evenly if you are using the wide, flat leather collars.

Rolled collars

These types of collars are narrower, thinner, and lighter than flat leather collars. The round shape creates a cord or rope-like shape that provides more strength. Soft rolled leather avoids matting and doesn’t leave a flat spot on the coat of the dog. Roller collars are suitable for dogs who have sensitive skin, or whose skin has rolls and wrinkles.

  • We do not recommend this collar if your dog is a puller because it puts pressure on the windpipe of the dog. Be sure that the leather on the collar is genuine, not synthetic. Remember, synthetic leather is cheap and doesn’t have the durability of real leather.

Safest Dog Collars


Leather is a natural material and causes less irritation than other materials. Some dogs like collars, but others do not, according to their nature. But the owner must want to put the safest collar on their pets for their protection. Leather collars are safer to use. If you take care of your dog’s leather collar and apply conditioner regularly, it will last a long time.

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