What are loafers? And its types. Are they comfortable and in style?

are loafers in style

Loafers are classic slip-on style shoes that do not have laces or other fastenings. Commonly, loafers are made of leather or suede. Its shape is like a moccasin with a flat heel. Now the loafers are worn with a variety of outfits and at many events. Loafer shoes may look classic without socks therefore, wearing these types of shoes are very easy to wear without finding matching socks for formal occasions.

Types of loafers

  1. Penny loafers
  2. GUCCI loafers
  3. The horse-bit loafers
  4. Tassel loafers.

Penny loafer

Versatile penny loafers are preferable due to their simplicity and adaptability. One of the stylish minimal shoes that were established in the ‘50s was the Chukka. Now, the penny loafer is a nod to the past and is available in many materials that fulfill many people’s demands.

Gucci loafers

The Gucci loafer is one of the distinct version of the loafer that is known for the metal clasp across its front. Gucci loafers have many designs that are very simple and done in the most classic colors and materials.

The horsebit loafer

The horse bit loafer is iconic and doesn’t look out of place.

Tassel loafer

This tassel loafer is simple with the playfulness of a single tassel on every shoe. This one is suitable for you. Tassel loafers are often made of leather and suede. Tassel loafers work better in shades of beige, brown, khaki, and brown.

Loafer material

The suede loafer is an excellent choice for its versatility. Suede is incredibly adaptable because it can be dressed up and down. Suede loafers also have a small texture to them, that lends nicely to the dimensions of your shoes. Loafers are appropriate for semi-formal looks because they are neither too formal nor too casual. In leather, loafer are also excellent, but we can’t stress enough that it’s the style of your shoes that will make the difference. Remember that you can opt for a patent leather style for more formal events. The gloss of real patent leather adds a wonderful shine to simplistic silhouettes and dresses up your clothing.

Color of Loafers

There are a variety of colors that may be more versatile, such as black, which may be classic. Dusty brown loafers and navy are also considered to work well. Burgundy is one of the favorites, and it’s wonderfully versatile and works well to brighten up your cabinet.

Can you wear socks with loafers?

Yes, you can wear socks for more corrective fitness. But without socks, loafers are undoubtedly clean, minimalist, and relaxed. Choose a sock pattern that may have colors that correspond to your clothes. Therefore, wearing socks is acceptable, but if you go without socks, you may still look classic.

Can you wear loafers with jeans?

Regular loafers can be worn with jeans. You can wear jeans and a t-shirt if you want to relax. If you want to look classic, you may go for a shirt and chinos.

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