Acrylic paint for leather shoes: How can you use it?

Can I use acrylic paint on leather shoes

Leather shoes fade over time and need to be repainted. Always choose the best paint for your leather shoes. The companies that make leather have been using acrylic paint for a long time. Acrylic paint is absolutely good for leather. Before applying any paint, test it first.

Sometimes people use paint to change the color of their shoes because they want something new. Acrylic paint is less expensive than leather paint. There are many shades available in acrylic paint. But the lifespan of the paint may depend on you. If you do not seal it, it may not last long.

What do you need to paint the shoes?

  1. Two-inch paintbrush
  2. Tape (optional)
  3. Wool daubers or towels
  4. Water-based acrylic paint

Follow the convenient steps to paint your shoes are given:

  1. Select the most appropriate paint and design.
  2. Getting the shoes ready
  3. Use paint
  4. Seal and allow to dry.

Step 1: Select the most appropriate paint and design

• Buy high-quality paint from a local store or online. Acrylic paint can be used on real and fake leather. Before applying paint, remove the shoestrings. Use the sprayer with the smallest nozzle to avoid overspray. Paint avoids cracking after drying. Apply in a small area. If it will satisfy you, apply it to both shoes.

Create a design:

The easiest method of painting the shoes is to choose a single color only. You can create any design on your shoes by using the paint that you want. Create the design that you need for your shoes. Make it on the paper before putting on the shoes. Make sure that you know how your design looks from all sides. Avoid complex designs.

Step 2: Preparing the shoes

Clean the surface of shoes. Mix one part of leather bleach with one part of water. Now wipe the surface with a wool dauber or towel.

Prepare the work area to protect it from marks of acrylic paint because it is difficult to remove.

  • To avoid getting paint on anything, lay down drop cloth or tarps.
  • Wear an apron to keep your clothes safe. Put on gloves. A face mask is a good option to stay safe because paint fumes are toxic.

Step 3: Put on some paint

Apply a single coat of concentrated acrylic paint. If more paint is required, add more layers. Before applying the second coat, make sure the first coat has dried completely. The layers of acrylic paint should be thin and light because thick paint can cause cracks.

  • Use tape on the area where you do not want to paint. Tape use is not necessary, but it helps to make designs easily.
  • If you have the problem that paint is not adhering to the surface, then you can mix water-based acrylic paint with the same amount of water to apply the first coat. After that, wait for the coat to dry and then paint the rest of the surface with undiluted acrylic paint.

Step 4: Seal and allow to dry

When you complete your painting, wait until the paint is fully dry. When the paint is sufficiently dry, then move to seal the paint. Remove any dust or dirt, then apply the finisher. Now your shoes look fresher than before.

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