Can leather pants be altered? How to alter them?

can leather pants be altered

Leather pants are great due to their durability, that is why they are more expensive than other fabrics. Fortunately, leather pants can be altered and adjusted. If you are not able to do it yourself, you can get help from a professional. A professional makes changes in leather pants with the use of scissors, glue, chalk, needle, and thread or sewing machine.

Is it simple to alter leather pants?

Making the leather pants smaller is easier than making them bigger. To shorten the length, leather pants will be trimmed. If you can do it yourself, then it is good to go, but if you can’t, you can get the help of a professional. Alteration of pants is not complicated for professionals.

How can you alter leather pants?

Leather alterations in waist size

The leather pants’ waist can be changed by increasing or decreasing the size by 2-3 inches. To make changes in waist size, you need to change the waistline, remove the belt loops, and make new seams down the leg length.

To shorten the length of the pants

To shorten the length of the pants, you need to determine the required length. Measure the distance from the crotch to where the cuff ends of the pants. After making the new length of the pants, cut the pants but do not forget to leave the leather to fold inside. After cutting, fold the length inside and secure it with glue or stitching. Using glue is easier than stitching.

To make leather pants longer

Your leather pants may be lengthened by less than 2 inches. The length depends on the hem size near the cuff. A larger hem allows you to make it longer. To make your pants longer, you need to remove the join and sew a new hem. To secure the hem, you can use glue or stitch it. You can also use both methods to secure better.

Leather pants alterations by professionals

A special industrial sewing machine is required for stitching leather. Experts use machinery to secure the hem.  If you do not have it, you should seek the services of a professional tailor to alter your leather pants. Professional alterations of leather pants are better than those done with glue at home. We recommend you take your leather pants to an expert to decrease the chances of mistakes.

The cost of leather alterations

A professional can easily alter your leather pants and every professional has a different cost for altering the leather pants. The cost of leather pants is not too much, and I hope it doesn’t break your bank. The cost of the alterations depends on the effort and time required to do it.

Shrinking of leather pants

A dryer on low heat can cause shrinkage of leather pants. Place leather pants in the dryer to shrink them and repeat the process to get the desired results. But keep in mind, this method can also remove natural oils from leather and cause cracking.

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