Washing Leather Shoes: Can Leather Shoes Go In The Washing Machine?

Can leather shoes go in the washing machine?

Cleaning leather shoes in the washing machine is not a good idea. Clean it with other gentle methods. As we know, leather shoes will last a long time, so we should take care of them and if we take care of them, we can keep our leather shoes looking brand new.

The best and easiest method for cleaning leather shoes:

 Use saddle soap to remove the dirt and stains. Rub it with a cloth. Remove the moisture. Then, allow the leather shoes to air dry.

What will happen if we put leather shoes in washer?

It is possible that the color of the shoes will change and the structure of the fabric will weaken. It can remove the layer of oil in it and damage its durability.

Does the heat damage the leather shoes?

High temperatures will change the structure of leather fibers and shrink the leather as well.

The best way to clean shoes properly

Things you need are:

  1. Shoe  polish
  2. Saddle soap
  3. Leather conditioner
  4. Brush for your shoes

Knowledge of leather:

Before cleaning the shoes, you must know the type of leather. Because different leathers require different kinds of cleaning techniques, check the label of the shoes to know the kind of leather they are made from. To clean the shoes, a toothbrush and rag may be enough.

Step #1: Take off the shoelaces.

Remove the shoelaces. It will open your shoes a little more, which helps you clean them thoroughly and remove all the dirt outside and inside of the shoe.

Step 2: Clean the shoelaces.

Shoelaces can stink and become filthy. Therefore, you can wash them in a machine or bucket with detergent and water. If the shoelace is made of nylon, then you can wash them as you want, but if it is made of leather, then you need to follow the cleaning step for leather shoes.

Step # 03: Clean the soles of the shoes.

If the soles of the shoes are removable, then remove them and clean the shoes. But if the cushion is not removable, then clean it with its pads.

Step # 04: clean the surface:

 To remove the dust from the surface, use a wet and clean cloth and remove the dirt gently.

Drag out the dust from between the lines and the slim corners of the shoes. Use detergent mixed in water, apply two to three drops and rub the shoes gently. When you have removed all the dust, make sure you have dried the shoes with a dry rag.

Step # 05: cleaning with a shoe brush

Clean the exterior of the shoe with a shoe brush in crossing brush patterns helps the shine. But remember, do not use the same brush for applying wax.

Step # 06: polish the shoes

Apply shoe polish to leather shoes to make them look brand new. But keep in mind that your shoe polish is appropriate if it is compatible with the material and color of your shoes. It helps to improve their longevity and gives them protection.

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