Can You Iron on Patches to Leather (Real and Fake Leather)? How?

Can you iron on patches to fake leather?

Patches are commonly used in clothing. Many people attach their favorite patches to leather. If you attach the beautiful patch properly, it will look impressive. You can iron the patches to fake leather if you know the proper way with precautions. Otherwise, heat will damage your leather items and it is not recommended by us. If you want to make it more durable, you could stitch the patch onto the leather.

How to iron your patches on leather?

Things you need:

Adhesive glues

Iron box

Piece of fabric

Easy to stick fabric.

Method to add the patch on leather:

  • Choose the patch that you want to apply.
  • Then iron the leather surface to make it warm.
  • Make it easier for the adhesive glue to stick.
  • Apply the adhesive glue on your patch.
  • Lay your patch on the warm surface of the leather with the glue side down.
  • Take a cloth fabric and place it on the patch. After that, switch on the iron. Do not iron the patch directly without fabric or cloth; it may damage your patch and leather.
  • Iron heat increases the strength of the adhesive glue. Iron for only a few minutes.
  • Leave the iron on the top of the fabric cloth for a while after switching off the iron to reinforce the adhesive.


  • Remember, all patches are not adhesive friendly.
  • Iron on the patch is not permanent on leather. Patches will peel off after a while. Therefore, we recommend stitching the patch on your leather items and for all other clothes.
  • Heat is not good for leather. It can damage the part where you apply it without precautions.
  • Warm glue can burn your leather surface.
  • When you attempt to clean the glue from the leather jacket, it may leave a burn mark and a bad stain.
  • Purchase a specific glue made for this purpose.
  • The above process is not permanent, it also not a safe method.
  • You can use iron for pressing only, not for heat. This one is a safe method of using an iron.

What are the cons of the iron-on option?

If you don’t know the proper way to add a patch to leather with an iron, you can damage your leather due to heat. Faux leather is prone to melting at that high temperature in which you want to attach the patch to the leather. Iron-on is also a bad idea for nylon.

Which is the safest method to add patches to leather?

The safest method is the use of needles and thread on real and faux leather or nylon. It is one of the most durable methods and has the fewest faults.

Sewing patches is one of the popular methods. Sewing a patch on leather is not a difficult method. Stitch it at home easily. Otherwise, find a local tailor who can stitch it for you. If your patch is attached correctly, it must look good and last a long time.

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