Can you use heat transfer vinyl on faux leather?

Heat transfer vinyl is used to personalize or decorate garments, t-shirts, and other fabric items. They contain a heat-activated adhesive backing that allows the vinyl to transfer to your fabric permanently when heat-pressed with adequate temperature, time, and pressure. This method is used because it is less messy as compared to other methods of printing. As you worry about ink spills in screen printing, this ink can damage your items, but now you don’t need to worry about these things while using heat transfer vinyl.

You can use heat transfer vinyl on faux leather by following the following methods.

 What material is needed?

  1. Heat transfer vinyl
  2. Paper
  3. Iron
  4. An electronic device
  5. cutting machine
  6. Faux leather (purse)

Step# 01

To design the name, use the cutting machine software. Then measure the area where you need HTV, then, according to its size, the names. To make it easier while weeding, draw a rectangle around each name as a border. If your software is not automatic, then flip the names. After that, send it to the machine for cutting.

  • If you are a beginner, then place the vinyl upside down so that the machine will cut the vinyl in reverse and you will get the actual name.

Step# 02

To remove the useless or unwanted vinyl pieces, use any weeding tool to do it.

Step# 03

Cut the names from the vinyl by using scissors to fit the purse.

Step# 04

Stuff the faux leather purse or bag with something such as a towel to make it stand up and to the prevention of other areas such as the zipper from heat. After that, place the heat transfer vinyl in the area you want. Then take a piece of parchment paper covering the entire size of the purse and bag. Be sure that you do not melt other parts of the bag accidentally.

  • Heat your iron to a silk setting, and if you have a steam iron, empty the water and heat it dry. Once the iron is heated, then place it on top of the parchment paper for only 5 seconds. Remove it and check whether the vinyl has stuck to the purse or not. If your vinyl does not adhere, repeat in 2-second intervals until it sticks to your faux leather purse. Remove the clear (transparent) sheet and use your iron for five seconds to make sure everything has attached well to the purse. Then your personalized purse of faux leather is ready.

Tips to use heat transfer vinyl on faux leather items:

  1. Do not put more pressure on faux leather. If it is attached without pressure, it is a better option.
  2. Apply pressure on the left marks on the purse.
  3. You can attach heat transfer vinyl on other items of faux leather easily too.
  4. 315° F is the ideal temperature for applying the vinyl on items. Apply pressure for 10 to 15 seconds if required.

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