Rubbing Alcohol On Leather: Can You Use it On Leather(Faux/Real)?

Alcohol is used for different purposes; one of them is cleaning. So the question is, can you use rubbing alcohol on leather? The answer is that rubbing alcohol can be used on faux leather to clean it, but keep in mind that rubbing alcohol may have some side effects on faux leather. If your faux leather has mild stains, you should clean it with a mild cleaner, but for difficult stains, you can use alcohol. So whenever mild doesn’t work on stains, you can move towards alcohol with some precautions otherwise it damages your leather items fastly. Oils, coffee, foodstuffs, lotions, and other stains can be removed by alcohol.

How to use rubbing alcohol on faux leather?

⦁ First, clean the surface of faux leather with a dry cloth to get good results.
⦁ Make a diluted solution of alcohol, Because 25 to 50 percent alcohol concentration is less harmful to your leather items, so always mix it with water.
⦁ Apply alcohol to a cloth or cotton on the affected area and gently rub it to remove the stain.
⦁ Dry the surface using a cloth and then allow it to air-dry overnight.
⦁ You can repeat this process to get the desired results.


⦁ Do not use rubbing alcohol on your new leather items because it has some disadvantages.
⦁ To clean difficult stains, you should always prefer a cleaner that is specially formulated for that leather type.

⦁ Do not use rubbing alcohol directly through the use of the spray.
⦁ Do not rub hard on leather when you are applying rubbing alcohol to it.
⦁ Do not use concentrated rubbing alcohol on leather. First, dilute it with water to decrease its harm.
⦁ Check out the expiration dates of your products before using them.
⦁ When the leather items are dried, they must be moisturized.
⦁ If you have a special cleaner for faux leather, it will be a better option for you.
⦁ Select a solution for leather cleaning that has the least amount of rubbing alcohol in it.

The alternative method to clean faux leather

As you know, rubbing alcohol is not completely safe, so you should move towards a mild solution. One of the most common cleaning options for leather items is soapy water. Clean stains from different items such as juice, milk, makeup stains, and so many others can be removed with soapy water and the use of a cloth.

Why should you avoid rubbing alcohol on leather?

Rubbing alcohol can dry out your leather items, which can lead to cracking and peeling of leather. So we can say that rubbing alcohol can damage your leather items. You should avoid using these types of solutions for cleaning leather items until it becomes necessary. A high concentration of alcohol can damage leather more than the diluted solution of rubbing alcohol. A concentrated solution can weaken the bonds of leather items. So, to avoid the leather cracking and peeling rapidly, you should avoid harsh solutions.

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