Can you wear leather boots in the rain?

leather boots in rain

Leather shoes are popular due to their durability and quality. Mostly, leather can absorb water. People are confused about whether they can wear leather in the rain or not. Can leather shoes get damaged by water or rain? Yes, by taking proper protective measures, you can prevent damage and wear them in rain. Leather boots can be damaged by water, but you can also protect them from rain by making them waterproof.

How can you make your leather boots waterproof?

Clean your leather boots

Clean shoes look better and presentable. Keep boots clean to prevent any damage. Keeping boots clean doesn’t make your leather waterproof.

Use of wax

Waxing is not a permanent solution, but after applying it, you can protect your shoes from dirt, dust, and water. Wax will save your shoes by protecting them from damage.

Waterproof cover

You can keep a waterproof cover in your bag, and whenever you need it, you can use it. This method can save your expensive shoes from damage.

Use of waterproof sprays

If you do not have waterproof shoes, you can make your shoes water-resistant with water-resistant sprays. They are available on the market and online. The application of these sprays is easy and efficient.

What do you need to do now if your leather shoes get wet?

We do not know when we will have to deal with rainy weather. If you do not have any facility in the rain to make your boots waterproof, they will get wet. If you do not want your footwear to get damaged, then you need to dry it after reaching home. After drying, stuff them in newspapers. Once your footwear has dried at room temperature, you can apply a leather conditioner to it.

Can rain damage your shoes?

Yes, rain can damage your leather shoes. If you take care of them, you can prevent permanent damage.

  • If you soak your leather boots daily or you wear shoes in the rain, you should purchase waterproof shoes or waterproof spray.

Are leather shoes waterproof?

If shoes are made of real leather, then they are not 100 percent waterproof. Real leather shoes absorb water more than fake leather.

Are fake leather boots waterproof?

Fake leather is considered more waterproof than real leather. If you want to make your shoes more water-resistant, you can apply water-resistant spray on them to create a waterproof barrier between water and your shoes.

Why is water not good for leather boots?

If you do not protect the leather from water, it will get damaged. Rain can cause shrinking, mold, and cracking. Water is harmful more for real leather as compared to synthetic leather.

Can leather boots shrink when wet?

Water can cause shrinkage of leather shoes, and hot water causes more shrinkage than cold water. If you want to shrink your leather shoes, you can use hot water to shrink them, but it will work better with alcohol. This process can be repeated to get the desired results.

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