How to Cover a Leather Sofa with Fabric: A Slipcovers Guide

Having leather furniture in your home is luxurious. It gives offs a sophisticated feel when you have a piece of leather somewhere in your home. Having leather is easy, but maintaining it is the hard part. You have to ensure that it is not damaged. A sofa is one of the most elegant pieces of furniture; a leather sofa is a luxury. This luxury also comes with a cost. This is the cost of maintaining it. Leather can be ruined and get damaged by many things. If you have pets or little children, then the first thing you should worry about is scratches on the surface of your leather. Another thing that can be very damaging to your leather is water. Water is very harmful to leather as it can result in its drying and cracking of it.

So, to avoid getting your leather sofa damaged and ruined, it is best to cover it up with some nice fabric.

Why use Slipcovers for Leather Sofa?

There are many reasons you should cover your leather sofa. An advantage is that there is a wide variety of covers you can choose from. Whatever you like is available somewhere and waiting for you. Some of the reasons you should use slipcovers for your leather sofa are;

Care and Maintenance

It is much harder to take care of a cover than leather. Leather is prone to water damage; once the damage is done, it is very hard to reverse. Furthermore, your leather can get damaged by scratches. However, if you have a cover on the sofa, the cover will collect the damage instead. Moreover, dirt and grime will not collect on your leather but on the cover. This will be easier to take off and deal with as you can take the cover off and wash it.

Wide Variety

Another advantage of covers is that you can select any one you want from a wide range of selections. There is a wide variety of covers you can choose from. You also have the option to decorate your covers how you want. You can also get them custom-made with your unique style.

Easy to use

The covers you get are also easier to install. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily do it yourself whenever you want.

How to Get the Cover on the Sofa?

It is easy to install the slipcover once you have bought it. You only have to perform two steps to get the cover on the sofa. Follow the following steps to get the slipcover onto your leather sofa;

Step 1

Remove all accessories and other items from the leather sofa. Evaluate the leather sofa to see how the upholstery is attached. Obtain the tools needed to remove the upholstery. Remove the bottom cover and carefully remove the staples that hold the leather together. Some sofas may use multiple layers, so take the time to remove your current leather material. Try to avoid tearing the leather material, as it can be used as a template for your new fabric sofa cover.

Step 2

Take the new cover fabric you want to install onto your leather sofa. Cut the new fabric to the dimensions and shape of the removed leather. Secure the new fabric to the sofa using the placement cues you remembered when removing the leather upholstery. Reinstall the dust cover under the sofa after the new fabric cover has been installed.

Materials Used as Covers

You must ensure that the cover is made of the proper material. Some of the material you can use to cover your leather sofas is;


Cotton is an amazing choice to cover your leather sofa. It is a soft material that will be long-lasting and does not wrinkle or damage easily.


Vinyl is a common material that is used to cover your leather sofa. This is the superior choice if you have pets and little children and fear scratches.

Blended Wool

Wool is easy to maintain and can be a great fabric choice for your leather sofa. It is soft and easy to clean.

Blended Polyester

Blended polyester can be used to give a luxurious look to your cover. It is also a cost-effective fabric option.


This highly durable material can protect your sofa for a long time. It also does not stain as easily, so you do not have to worry about spills and stains.

How to Keep Your Cover on the Sofa?

If your cover is attached well, it might stay on the sofa. This can be highly inconvenient and frustrating. To avoid this, you can use the following things;

Carpet Padding

First, measure the length and width of the sofa cushions and ensure they are all the same size or note the difference. Mark the measurements of the sofa cushion on the carpet pad. Cut a square out of the padding according to the marks you made. Repeat this process until you have enough pads. Once you have enough, place a pad over each pillow. Fill a clean spray bottle with cold water and spray water on the cover. Make sure that it is just a little amount to avoid damage. Let it dry for about thirty minutes. This process removes wrinkles and many creases. Iron out any remaining deep creases and wrinkles. Place the slipcover over the leather sofa and use your hands and a large, flat spatula to push the material deeper into the sofa. Tie off the cover if it is made of ribbons or ties.

Foam Batting

The first two steps of this method are the same as the carpet padding method. After the first two steps are done, slice the foam with a box cutter to cut squares of foam batting the same width and length as the sofa cushions. Foam batting is not airy but spongy foam like the one used in mattress pads. After the cutting, place a square of foam cotton on each pillow. Install a wrinkle-free slipcover and hold the material in place with your hands. If the slipcover is made of ribbons or ties, tie them.

These simple ways you can add twists to your leather sofa with slipcovers! 

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