Stretching leather ballet flats: Do they stretch & how to stretch them yourself?

leather ballet flats

Ballet flats are the favorite shoes of many girls in summer and spring because they are very beautiful, comfortable, and elegant. However, ballet flats are a little tight around the heel and toes, but we can increase the comfort at home in different ways.

Methods to stretch leather ballet flats

Wear and tear

  • If the ballet flats are tight and very uncomfortable, you must wear a pair of socks underneath to protect the heel and to increase the stretch.
  • Remember that wearing shoes is a way to stretch shoes for a specific foot shape. Repeat this thing for a couple of weeks.

If you have suede leather or spritz leather flats, you can apply leather stretching spray on them. They can hydrate and reshape the leather. But do not forget that these sprays do not work on cotton or faux leather.


We know that damp shoes can stretch. You should put a soaked towel in your ballet flats for a few hours, then wear the shoes until the towel dries on your shoes. When the shoes take the shape according to your foot and do not squeeze your foot now you have done.

  • Always remember that this procedure is only useful for high-quality shoes that are stitched and glued.

Use of plastic bags and ice

  1. First, fill the two plastic bags with water and seal them. These bags are big enough to fit inside the shoes.
  2. This method is more useful when your shoes are tighter on the toe side.
  • Place the filled plastic bags inside the shoes and tuck them down in the toe area.
  • Place the shoes in the freezer. Stick the shoes in the plastic bag and then put them in the freezer.
  • Wait until the bag freezes. After freezing, it will expand and stretch your shoes.
  • Take out the shoes from the freezer and pull the bags. If you are facing difficulty taking them out, then wait for a little ice to melt, but you can break the ice with a hammer also.
  • Put on the shoes because you want them to retain their form and be sure that they don’t shrink while they warm back up.

Devices for stretching

There are some special devices that expand the shoes. Using a device is the safest method to stretch ballet flats because they are specially designed. Such devices are known as professional shoe stretchers.

Share with someone having similar size

If you have a person of a similar size to you, you can share the shoes for a short time. When your friend uses your shoes, there are many chances it will not hurt you again.

Alcohol and socks

You need an alcohol-containing solution such as vodka, cologne, or medical alcohol. Spray it on the inner side of the shoes. Put on your shoes and do not take them off before an hour. You will feel a difference and you will become more spacious. 

Find a shoe repair professional

Cobblers and shoe professionals provide a stretching service. They have training and machines to change the shape of the shoes. Cobblers can stretch your shoes and repair them, too, to make them last longer.

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