Does Natuzzi Use Bonded Leather?

Does Natuzzi use bonded leather?

Do you know about the quality of bonded leather? Bonded leather is cheaper than real leather, but it resembles leather because it is mixed with scrap pieces of genuine leather that will be processed further.

Now the question is, does Natuzzi use bonded leather?

No, the Natuzzi sofa is made of real Italian leather. The Natuzzi sofa has many different colors and grades. The Italian leather hides are a grade of 10 to 30 types of leather. Their sofas are made entirely of top-grain Italian leather. Italian leather sofas are often good in quality.

What is Natuzzi?

Natuzzi is the largest furniture house in Italy, with a global reach. The Natuzzi Group became the first foreign furniture company to list on Wall Street in 1993. It the headquartered in Santeramo in Colle ( Apulia) Italy.

The Natuzzi edition

Natuzzi Edition is a brand in the leather furniture industry. It has the quality and a good reputation. Their furniture is made of real leather.

Can we repair the Natuzzi leather?

Yes, the Natuzzi leather will be repaired. If your sofa is damaged, do not throw it away. Take care of your leather furniture, and it will last a long time.

Is it possible for Natuzzi leather to peel?

As we know, the Natuzzi leather is made from genuine leather. Therefore, it never peels and cracks over time. But if you see the color damaged, you can repair it.

Natuzzi leather has advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss here.

What are the benefits of Natuzzi leather?

  1. Their furniture is of high quality.
  2. Furniture is made from standard materials.
  3. We can have custom-made furniture.
  4. Their furniture has many Price points.
  5. The Natuzzi brand offers extensive warranties.

What are the disadvantages of Natuzzi leather?

  1. Their shipping window is long.
  2. having a limited selection.
  3. have high price tags.

Is the Natuzzi sofa comfortable?

The Natuzzi sofa is very classy and comfortable. As it is custom-made, it’s designed and comfortable as we wish. The shape of the sofa varies, but it is always relaxing and made of soft materials that add more comfort.

How can we clean the leather couches of Natuzzi?

We should avoid harsh solutions, soaps, and detergents because they can dry our favorite leather. We should clean them with saddle soap and with natural products. Clean them once a week with a soft cloth.

Never use the home remedies that are baking soda, cream of tartar, white vinegar, lemon juice because it can increase the problem.

Is it possible to dye Natuzzi leather?

Yes, we can dye Natuzzi leather, and it is super easy to use. You can use Feibings leather dye.


As the Natuzzi leather has more durability, requires less maintenance, has a comfortable and classy look, resists odors, maintains its shape, and is made of a hypoallergenic substance, it is the best choice for you. Other fake leathers don’t fulfill your demand, may damage quickly, and do not have more advantages than real leather. Other leathers absorb smells and we will not feel comfortable with them.

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