How to care for bonded leather?

caring bonded leather

Bonded leather is formed from the scraps of real leather. The scraps are joined together to form a sheet of fibrous backing. Then the sheets are coated with polyurethane sealant and they are easy to handle as compared to raw animal hide. Bonded leather contains 20% real leather. Bonded leather requires care and maintenance because of the disadvantages that are given.

Why does bonded leather require care and maintenance?

  • Bonded leather starts peeling over time.
  • The color of bonded leather will be damaged.
  • Bonded leather has less durability than real leather.
  • Some cleaners are not appropriate for the cleaning of bonded leather.
  • Bonded leather can release chemicals over time that were used to bond the fibers.

Cleaning bonded leather

Material required

  1. soft, clean, and damp cloth.
  2. Leather conditioner.


  1. Before you start cleaning, you need to make sure that your cleaner is not harsh. Harsh cleaners can strip the clear coating of the material.
  2. Use a clean, damp, and soft cloth to wipe away any dirt from leather items. With a cloth, remove all debris, oil, and moisture from the leather.
  3. Then allow it to dry naturally.
  4. Take a good quality leather conditioner and apply it to it to prevent damage.

Care and maintenance of bonded leather to prevent damage

Clean bond leather regularly.

Cleaning of bonded leather can be done with the use of a damp cloth twice a week. You can also use a soft brush to clean your furniture.

Keep your leather away from the sun.

Placing bonded leather in sunlight is a common mistake. Sunlight can fade the color of bonded leather as well as cause cracks.

Avoid products that are not suitable for leather.

People use different products to clean their leather, but it is not a good idea. Many ingredients are not suitable for cleaning leather because they can cause drying and discoloration. People use various harsh detergents to clean their leather, and this causes damage.

Use a good leather conditioner.

An efficient way to maintain your leather is through the use of a leather conditioner. To preserve your leather for a longer time, you should apply the leather conditioner at least a few times a month. When buying a leather conditioner, make sure it is appropriate for your leather type.

Keep your bonded leather away from heat sources.

Heaters, stoves, radiators, and other heating sources can cause drying and can damage your leather. So make sure that your furniture is at least 15 inches away from these types of things.

How long does bonded leather last?

Bonded leather has less durability than real leather. Various circumstances will determine the lifetime of bonded leather. For example, if you have children and pets, it will not last long. Similarly, dirt, dust, moisture, sunlight, and harsh products may also decrease the lifespan of the leather. But if you take care of bonded leather, it may last for two to three years. Without care and maintenance, it may start peeling and cracking quickly.

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