How to Clean & Condition Natuzzi Leather?

natuzzi leather

As you may be aware, Natuzzi Leather is admirable and expensive leather. If you do not take care of it, it can go into a bad condition. So if you want it to look fabulous, then you need to take care of it more carefully. The question is what kind of cleaner and conditioner should be used that does not harm it. Let’s take a look at what might be good for Natuzzi Leather most and in what way.

Natuzzi Leather requires care that includes cleaning, maintaining, and conditioning.

⦁ For cleaning, you have to remove all types of dirt, debris, stains, etc.
⦁ For conditioning, you have to moisturize it to prevent damage and to make it soft.
⦁ For maintaining it, you have to clean leather weekly, keep it away from heat and harsh chemicals, and lubricate it when required.

Natuzzi leather types

⦁ Natural (unprotected)
⦁ Protecta (Protected)

We are going to discuss cleaning methods for both types.

Cleaning Natural (Unprotected) Natuzzi Leather

To remove the dirt and debris, you need to attach the brush to the vacuum cleaner. This step is must be followed by further techniques to remove special kinds of stains.

To remove water-based things such as coffee, drink it, then remove it with a damp cloth and rub it on the affected area. When you get a satisfactory result, allow it to dry naturally.

To remove oil-based stains such as chocolate, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. Firstly, remove the oil from it by using a paper towel. Then make a soapy water solution and apply it to the affected area with the use of a soft cloth and rub it gently. Allow it to dry after getting the desired results.

Cleaning Protecta (Protected) leather

⦁ For oil-based, water-based stains, and other stains, you have to follow the same method.
⦁ Use a paper towel to remove any liquid from it.
⦁ Make a foamy solution by mixing a few drops of soap into water.
⦁ Damp the cloth with this solution and rub it on the affected area.
⦁ Remove excess wetness with a dry and clean cloth.
⦁ Leave it to dry naturally. Do not use heat sources, as they are harmful to Natuzzi Leather.

Natuzzi Leather Conditioning

⦁ Before applying the conditioner, make sure that the leather is dust-free. If it is not, then clean it with the above method.

⦁ Make sure that your leather conditioner is appropriate for Natuzzi leather.

⦁ Apply some drops of conditioner to a clean cloth.

⦁ Lubricate the entire leather with this cloth.

⦁ Leave it for 5 minutes, remove excessive lubrication with a clean cloth.

⦁ Repeat this process twice a year to make your leather soft.

Natuzzi leather maintenance

⦁ To maintain your Natuzzi leather, make sure that you clean your leather as soon as possible after getting affected to prevent permanent stains or clean the leather twice a week.

⦁ Natuzzi Leather should be kept away from any heat source and direct sunlight to avoid damage and drying out.

⦁ To increase the lifespan of Natuzzi leather by preventing damage, lubricate it twice a year.

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