How to fix cat scratches on leather?

Many people have their cats and they do not disallow them to sit on their furniture, whether it is expensive or inexpensive. But unfortunately, they can create scratches on your sofa. These scratches are very annoying. Scratching is one of the bad habits a cat does because cats and leather couches are like friends. And it is very difficult to prevent cat scratches and on the other hand, it is important to avoid this issue. But you do not need to worry about it because you can unscratched the leather.

You’re very curious right now to remove the scratches on leather that have become your serious mood-turner. So, now read some methods to repair scratches on leather products.

Two types of cat scratches

  1. Plucking of fibers out of the leather (serious and deep scratches)
  2. Straight-line scratches (light scratches)

What to know before repairing scratched leather?

  1. Type of damage: Determining the type of damage is important because you can decide on the treatment easily. If there are minor and light scratches, then you do not need to worry. You can apply olive oil to it. But for extensive damage, you need to go for other treatments, and you can’t repair it with olive oil.
  2. Type of leather: This is important to know before beginning various processes because there are so many types of leather and each reacts differently. When you determine the type of leather, you can consult with any professional for the treatment of scratches and you can search for the best methods.

Method to repair cat scratches on leather

Minor scratches

For minor scratches, you can use olive oil. The first thing you need to do is to put the olive oil on the scratch and rub it with a cotton bud. Keep rubbing it until you get satisfying results. Leave it for a few hours for better results and then come back to clean the scratch with a clean cloth. If you haven’t gotten positive results, then you can repeat this process.

  • You can consult a professional if you don’t get good results.
  • Do not apply excessive oil onto the leather surface. Excess of everything is bad, and this will create a problem for you that you may not be able to fix easily.
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Serious Scratches

If the scratches are bigger and larger than the size of a tennis ball, then you need to go for the following ingredients.

Things you will need

  1. Leather Repair Kit
  2. The Leather Colorant Kit
  3. A Leather Binder

If your damage is smaller than a tennis ball, then you need to use the following items.

Things you will need

  1. A Complete Leather Repair Kit
  2. A Leather Binder

Let’s start the repair of leather scratches to remove roughness and prevent further damage. The lack of concern may damage the product further and your leather product may become.

Step # 01. Preparing the surface

Preparing the area is an important step before doing anything. Clean the surface of the leather with a clean cloth or leather cleaner. Make sure no dust or dirt remains. This step is very essential before doing any treatment to get good results.

Step # 02. Trim away loose fibers of leather

Once you have cleaned your leather, take a sharp pair of scissors and trim the loose fibers. You need to trim the longer fibers only. Any shorter fibers that are left will not affect the repair treatment and the look of the leather at the end of treatment. You need to take care at this stage that you do not puncture or cut the leather. Otherwise, you will create a problem for yourself.

Step # 03. Use a leather binder

After trimming the long and loose fibers of the scratched area, Now it’s time to apply the leather binder. If you are confused about how to apply the leather binder, so don’t do it because it’s so easy. You have to apply a small amount of it to a sponge. Then rub this sponge directly into the scratched area. Apply it to the entire area and allow it to dry.

  • Do not apply another coat before drying the previous one.
  • To ensure a durable, strong repair, you can apply 8 to 10 coats of it.

Step # 04. Make a smooth surface by sanding the area

Now it’s time to make the leather surface smoother. To make your surface even, sand the area down. This step will help you to complete your next step better. Now the question is, how can you sand down the area? So simply, you have to take a piece of fine sandpaper of 1200 grit. Sand the entire area lightly and make the surface less rough.

Step #5. Apply the heavy filler

Now you have to use the heavy filler with a palette knife. Make sure the surface is clean before applying the heavy filler. Now leave it for 20 to 25 minutes to dry it completely. If you think you need to add more layers, then you can apply more layers. But make sure you have to dry the old layer completely before applying the next one.

Step # 6. Sand the area down again

You have to sand the area down again after applying the heavy filler. With the use of 1200 grit sandpaper(1200 grit will be enough), you can sand the area. After sanding the area, wipe the area to remove all residue. Cleaning the surface will help you for doing further steps.

Step # 7. Use the leather colorant.

Now it’s time to match the color of the affected area with the rest of the leather. This step will help to hide the cat scratches. It will also help to make the surface finer. With the use of a sponge, you can apply the first coat of leather colorant. Pour some colorant on the sponge and apply it to the leather. You may get a good result as a result of it, but if not, you can re-sand and reapply the leather colorant for better results. If you are using a colorant kit, then you should use an airbrush to apply layers. On the other hand, if you are using a leather repair kit, then you should use a sponge.

  • Keep in mind that you should apply thin layers.
  • Dry the previous layers before applying the next layer.

Step # 8. Seal the color

Sealing the color will provide a robust and flexible finish. By taking a sponge, you have to apply 3 to 4 layers. You can take the glossy super deal to apply. Allow it to dry out completely.

Step # 9. Use of a finisher

Using a finisher now will be beneficial for you. You should apply 4 to 5 layers of the finisher. Allow these layers to dry. By following the above steps, you will get a great result, and you don’t need to go to a professional.

The best and shortest method for light scratches

Use of Leather Re-Coloring Balm

Leather Re-coloring balm can help to bring back the leather color. It is used to match the color with the rest of the sofa, but this method will not repair the roughness.

  • The pros of using this balm are that it is very easy to apply, quick to remove, cheap, and will efficiently improve the appearance of the sofa.
  • The cons are that the color of the scratch will be lighter than the rest of the sofa and it will not remove roughness.

A method to prevent the cat’s scratches

Preventing cat scratches is very difficult and it might feel impossible as well. But there are some tips and solutions that can help us a little bit.

  1. Spray-on cat pheromones may help you to keep the cat from scratching your leather item.
  2. The best thing is to cover your leather items with a fabric that you like. This tip will be helpful to you in various ways.
  3. Another tip is that you should use precautionary measures and you can apply a cat deterrent spray on your leather items to avoid cats.

Final words

Cat scratching is very unpleasant, and if the scratches are deep enough, they may disrupt your mood. But you don’t need to panic about this. You should purchase a leather repair kit online or from a market and treat scratches at home. Otherwise, you need to go to a professional. That can take your time to consult someone and may be costly as well. We provide some solutions, and you can try them to enjoy your leather products once again. By following that method and using the above products, you can achieve positive results for leather items with little time, effort, or cost. Hope you like this article, best wishes.

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