How to get a water stain out of leather?

Getting water stains out of leather is essential to keep the leather looking great. Water stains are due to rain spots on a leather jacket, drinks on a leather couch, or standing in a puddle in leather shoes. Grease, water, oil, and ink are the three most common stains on leather. So you should wipe up spills right away, whatever the type. If you want to prevent damage, it’s essential to understand how to remove water stains from leather. Many stains are usually irreversible and need to be treated by a professional. On the other hand, some can be removed at home luckily. In this post, we will guide you through removing water stains.

How does water affect leather?

Water can make the leather stiff and patchy. Water spills, stains, and other liquid-related damage are common on furniture and other leather goods. Luckily, water stains on leather can be removed easily with a little leather care.  

Why is it important to remove water from leather?

Removing water from leather quickly is important because when the water dries and evaporates, it will suck the oils out of the skin because the oils in the skin are attached to the water molecules. When the natural oils are lost, it will make the leather stiff and brittle. Water can also cause streaks and patches on leather as well as discoloration.

  • Read this blog to learn how to get water stains out from leather and make your leather fabulous again. Different methods to remove water stains from leather items are given below.

What should you do when water falls on the leather?

First, you should use a handkerchief to quickly blot up any wetness on the leather; otherwise, watermarks will appear if you let the water dry. Unfortunately, watermarks may leave spots, but you can remove them with different techniques. Start the cleaning of the water stain by starting in the center and moving outward with a damp towel. After using the damp towel, use the dry cloth. Then, leave it to dry naturally.
Alternative methods to remove water stains are given.

Method#01. Use of Leather Cleaner

If you have leather items in your home, then a good leather cleaner is a must-have item for you to remove stains. Leather cleaner is good to work on different items such as handbags, car leather interiors, boots, leather sofas, etc. But before applying the cleaner to whole products, do a spot test first to check colorfastness in an unnoticeable area and leave it to dry. If no harmful effects are seen, then you can put a small amount on the product with a cloth and clean it in a circular motion. Leave it to dry after cleaning. If you want to increase the natural shine, you can use a leather lotion.

Method#02. Use of Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioners have many benefits for leather; one of them is to remove water stains. Water evaporation will cause the removal of natural oil from leather, and you can restore this oil with a leather conditioner. Using a leather conditioner is the easiest of all the methods to get out the water stains and is also the most cost-effective. If it will not work for you, then you can try another method because removing the water stains from your leather purse, shoes, and upholstery can work differently.

Method#03. Using a damp cloth.

If water sits on the leather for a long time, it will cause more damage. So if you can clean it immediately, then do it.

Grab a clean, damp cloth

Use a soft and dampened cloth; the cloth should not be too wet or too dry. Do not add any soap to it, and avoid using too much cold water. Rub the cloth gently, begin from the center, and gently wipe outward. Do not rub harshly. Gently moisten the stained surface while brushing outward to collect as much of the matter from the stain as is feasible.

Dry the leather and apply leather cream

Dry the leather with a dry cloth, but do not dry it with too much rubbing. Avoid using a heat source or sunlight. After drying, you can apply leather cream to restore the leather and also make it waterproof. Keep in mind that you should apply the cream in a circular motion.

Method#04. Method to treat dry spots.

If the water dries on leather, it will be difficult to get rid of its stain. You can try a damp lint-free cloth to wet the leather’s surface from seam to seam from the liquid stain to the corner. When you dry this water, it will aid in stain removal. But before doing this procedure, you should know the leather type because this method is suitable for suede and unfinished leather. But still, you are at risk of making your leather darker. For other leather types, you should use leather cleaner. After using the cleaner, you should condition your leather.

How to remove serious water stains from leather?

Use a polishing color to polish your leather.

Polishing can also hide the stain of water, and it will also make your leather look new. If the stains on your leather are difficult to remove and also look old, then polishing can be the ideal method after cleaning with soapy water. If you cannot do it at home properly, then you can also give your leather accessories to the shop to be polished. You can find the polish at leather shops and online. By this method, leather will be polished and given a new coating.

Leather care tips

  1. Do not place leather items in sunlight; it can cause color damage and dry out your leather item.
  2. Avoid placing your leather products near a heat source to avoid damage.
  3. Clean up stains quickly.
  4. Be careful to leave harmful things sitting on leather furniture.
  5. Frequently clean your leather item to avoid permanent damage.
  6. Do not use harsh soap because it can cause color fading and make the leather stiff over time.
  7. Apply a high-quality conditioner for leather to prevent harm.

Method to prevent stains from leather car seats

Step 01

Keep a microfiber cloth in your car, so that when your car gets any spills or splashes of liquid, you will be able to quickly and thoroughly wipe them off. This quick cleaning will help get rid of the water stains before they can cause permanent watermarks on your leather car seat.

Step 02

Another easy way to get rid of water stains on your leather seat is to use leather car sealants or protectants to protect the leather. This method will help to block the splashes or spills of water, which can cause damage otherwise.

Step 03

Regular cleaning of leather items with the use of leather wipes can also help to prevent permanent stains.

Step 04

Always understand what you should do and not do with your leather products to prevent any harm. We have provided some do’s and don’ts here. Follow them to prevent different types of damage.

What should you do to prevent harm to leather?

  1. You should always condition your leather lightly whenever you clean or treat any water spill.
  2. Use leather cleaners that are non-toxic if you want to remove water stains. To decrease the level of damage to your leather when your leather car seats get water stains, you should go towards leather cleaner and conditioner.
  3. Always rub gently on clean water and splashes if you want to prevent discoloration and scratching.
  4. Use a soft sable brush or vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dirt and debris.

What not to do?

  1. Do not go toward the cleanser and conditioner that are toxic and cheap and can damage the quality of leather. Do not go for wax-based or petroleum-based conditioners.
  2. Don’t leave water dry on your leather seats. Otherwise, water spills would become so difficult to clean 
  3. Don’t use bristle brushes to clean water stains.

Can water ruin leather sofas?

Little water can not damage leather at all, and most leather items have a protective layer that provides you time to remove water spills before leather soaks it up. More amount of water can damage the leather sofa and makes the leather sofa stiff.

Are water stains on leather items permanent?

All water stains are not permanent; some can be removed at home and some require professional help. Cleaning stains from your leather can make your item look new and gorgeous again. Common marks caused by water can also cause permanent damage and ruin your furniture’s look. If the stain doesn’t treat at home, seek professional help.

Final words

The weather, rain, accidental water spill, or water puddles can make your leather products look tidy with water stains and their cleaning will become necessary to avoid serious damage. Hopefully, you have obtained all the essential information on how to get water stains out of leather. We have provided different methods, and you can choose one according to your availability. Thank you for reading our post.

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