Removing wrinkles from leather: How to get rid of them? Is it even possible?

wrinkles on leather

Leather does not look great with wrinkles. Wrinkles in your leather can destroy your first impression of any important meeting. It ruins your classy look and personality. If you take care of your leather, it will never get wrinkles.

What are the causes of leather wrinkles?

Wrinkles appear due to a poor transport system and incorrect storage of your leather. If you store your leather products under plenty of heavy things, the leather will get wrinkles.

Are leather wrinkles permanent?

Most of the wrinkles are not permanent. Most of them can be removed by using various methods. Minor wrinkles may be removed easily.

Methods to removing the wrinkles from leather

Number one: the use of iron.

  1. Iron out your leather with a pillowcase.
  2. Turn on your iron and arrange leather on the ironing board. Spread a pillowcase over your leather garments. Now start ironing.
  3. Keep in mind that an extra layer of the fabric increases the protection. Many people use this method because this is convenient.

Number two: An alcohol solution

  • Make a solution of water and alcohol in a spray bottle to make your leather wrinkle-free.
  • Test the solution in a small area to make sure that it will not change the color. If everything is okay, then spray it all over. Fabric will loosen with the use of alcohol. You can use your hands to smooth creases.
  • Do not soak the leather in an alcohol solution; lightly mist on the leather only. Use leather conditioner after this process.

 Number three: Pulling on the leather.

  1. Put your leather product on a hanger to remove the wrinkles. Use the appropriate hanger according to the garment and do not use thin metal hangers.
  2. Pull the leather gently with your hands until the wrinkles relax. Pull lightly in both directions at the same time (opposite direction).
  3. Do not hold on too long when you are pulling the leather. Do not pull for more than three to five seconds. The amount of pulling stress depends on the type of garment quality.
  4. This method is applicable for small wrinkles only.

Number four: Use of steamer

  1. Read the instructions for your streamer and the recommendations from the manufacturer before using it.
  2. Start your streamer and set it to a medium-low setting and let it heat fully.
  3. Test the streamer away from the leather before applying it to the wrinkled area.
  4. Hang your garments vertically away from the water. Steam will relax the garments of leather and allow the leather to become wrinkle-free. Use a rack or hanger for standing streamers.
  5. This procedure is appropriate for long garments also. If long garments are not perfectly hung, do not worry about it. It will still work.
  6. Use the streamer over the wrinkled part of the leather. Use the steamer on the inside and outside of the wrinkle area.
  7. Hold the streamer four inches away from your garments, and apply the steam only for a second. Move the steamer over the garment as you iron your clothes.
  8. If your garment does not become wrinkle-free after the use of a streamer, then pull the garment gently.
  9. Apply only a small amount of steam at a time. Too much steam could damage your leather garments.
  10. If there is any moisture condensing on your garment due to the steamer, clean that moisture with a piece of dry cloth.


Leather makes you very charming and classic, but if you wear a wrinkled leather garment it will destroy your appearance. If you take care of your garments and place them carefully in the wardrobe, they never get wrinkled. Always hang your leather garments in a dry place to keep them beautiful for a long time.

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