How to make leather (Boots/Pants) stop squeaking?

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When leather dries, its fibers are pulled taut in different directions, which causes the leather to squeak. When it contacts furniture, shoes, and other things, it causes friction, which makes fibers rub together and cause sound. Moisture is also a cause of leather squeaking. When leather is moved or disrupted, it may squeak because leather is tanned and processed animal hide. Once processed, leather has a shiny and soft texture that may squeak when it rubs together.

Real leather has fewer squeaks than faux leather, but when you move, you still feel some noise, especially if you wear a new jacket. So wearing a jacket at home is a good way to solve the issue.

In the office or in silence, a squeaking sound can create a problem. To avoid these issues, some solutions are given.

  1. Choose a real, high-quality leather item.
  2. Routine maintenance.
  3. Sprinkle talcum powder.
  4. Leather conditioning.
  5. Check the heels of the shoes.
  6. Wear it regularly.
  7. Use adequate leather care products.
  8. Take your shoes to a shoemaker.
  9. use of saddle soap

Choose a real, high-quality leather item

Firstly, to avoid squeaks, you should choose high-quality or real leather. Items made of fake leather have more chances to squeak. As we discussed earlier, faux leather has a plastic coating that makes it squeak when worn. Genuine leather squeaks less as compared to fake leather. So to avoid this issue, the first solution is to buy genuine leather products. High-quality leather not only minimizes the chance of squeaking but also has good durability.

Routine maintenance

Dry leather items are also a cause of squeaking, especially if the leather is thick and lacks a soft and smooth feel. Dry leather means it needs to be cleaned, conditioned, and polished regularly. A routine of maintenance for your leather goods will help to maintain the natural oil and lubricant that leather requires. So you need to take care of your items if you want them to last and stop squeaking.

Sprinkle talcum powder

Talcum powder is good to stop leather items from squeaking, which might surprise you. You have to apply a thin layer of talcum powder to the leather items using a bottle. If you are applying a leather jacket, you need to give special attention to the seam areas around and in front of the arms. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should use a small amount of talcum powder. If you use it too much, your leather item may get dry, which can lead to other problems. A thin layer of powder will not cause an issue, and no one can tell you that your leather is even coated in talcum powder.

Leather conditioning

Leather conditioner is good to keep the natural oil of the leather and preventing drying because leather dryness can cause various issues. Leather conditioner is made to soften, hydrate, and protect the leather. You can restore the supple feel if the leather dries out with time. Leather conditioning is good to avoid the issue of leather squeaking. If you are going to condition a leather jacket, then you need to pay special attention to noisy areas such as the shoulders and arms and then coat the remaining parts of the jacket. You should condition your leather items after a few months to maintain their feel and look, and also keep them hydrated and nice.

Check the heels of the shoes

If your leather shoes are squeaking, then you need to check their heels. Shoes start to squeak if their heels are coming loose or coming apart from their soles. Some heels are created from multiple layers of wood or leather layered on top of one another. They are squeaking as they start to separate. When the heel of the shoe is separating from the sole, it will produce pockets of air that cause squeaking with each step. If this happens with your footwear, you should replace your heels and take your shoes to an expert shoe repair person.

Wear it regularly

As we discussed earlier, a new leather jacket squeaks more, so if you use it more or regularly wear it, this will be helpful to avoid squeaks. If you do not wear it and hang it in your closet, this will cause stiffness to your leather. So if you want to deal with less squeaking, you should wear your leather jacket or other items regularly.

Use adequate leather care products

Whatever leather products you are using, they need good leather care products. To deal with squeaking shoes, you should take good care of them with good products. Use moisturizer and lubricant to get rid of this issue. Your product should not be harsh and should be suitable for your leather type.

Take your shoes to a shoemaker

If you cannot deal with squeaking at home with any tip or method, then you should take your item to an expert. You can take your shoes to a shoemaker to get guidelines on how to get rid of your issues.

Use of saddle soap

Saddle soap is good to avoid squeaking, especially on the tongue and laces of the shoes. Buy saddle soap from a store or online.

  1. Remove the lace from your boots, untie your shoe laces, and pull them out of both boots. From the top of the tongue to the shoe bottom, you have to work to avoid fraying your laces.
  2. Some soaps need water to activate them. If your soap also needs water, you should pour some drops of water into it to soften it once you open the top.
  3. You should make your shoe dust free with the help of a bristled brush before applying saddle soap.
  4. Dip a clean cloth in the soap; if your soap needs water, wet the cloth first. Now brace the backside of the tongue of your shoes. Scrub the tongue with a cloth.
  5. Four- to five times work up and down to lubricate it.
  6. Repeat this process with your shoes.
  7. Use only a quarter-size dollop of soap for a pair of shoes; you do not need to use too much soap to lubricate the leather.
  8. You can use this soap on whole shoes if your only aim is to stop squeaking and not others.

Why do leather shoes squeak while walking?

The noises you hear when your leather shoes are squeaking may be due to air or moisture that gets trapped in various parts of your shoe. Especially in the area of the insole, when the insole rubs against another part of your shoe, it makes a squeaking noise.

Does inexpensive leather squeak?

Faux leather is a type of leather covered with a plastic coating. This plastic coating makes the jacket squeak when you wear it. But jackets made of real leather may also squeak, though less than those made of faux leather. So to limit the risk of squeaking, get a genuine, and high-quality leather jacket.

Wrap up

We have provided different solutions to make your leather stop squeaking after performing great research. So try any one solution from above, if one is not working for you, you can try another one.

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