How To Remove Scratches From Leather Furniture?

Why does leather stick to skin?

Scratches are the marks on the surfaces caused by sharp things. Scratches on any object look very unpleasant, especially if they are on our furniture. Scratches can be caused by an object or a pet. No matter how much you care about your products, these things happen sometimes because you can’t stop some accidental moments. Scratches can be of various types. They can be easy or difficult to remove, depending on how deep they are. But you need to treat the scratches soon to avoid further damage.

Types of scratches

  1. light scratches: Light scratches are easy to remove with ordinary things.
  2. Deep scratches: Deep scratches may be a little difficult to remove, but with a little bit of hard work and with the use of some things to buy from the market, you can remove them. This will be explained in detail here, keep reading our article.

Removing the scratches from leather furniture?

Step 01.

Identify whether it is a light scratch or a deep scratch.

This step will help to decide if the scratches will be repaired at home or not. If the leather is completely cut, then it will need to be taken to a professional.

Fixing light scratches

Things are required.

  • A cotton swab
  • of baby oil or olive oil.
  • shoe polish.


With the use of a cotton swab, you need to apply baby oil or olive oil to the scratch. Rub it with a clean cloth in a circular motion. Allow it to dry out. If you have not received better results, you can repeat this procedure. To smooth the scratch, you can use lanolin oil. To hide the scratch, you can apply shoe polish that matches your furniture.

Repairing deep scratches

Things are required.

  1. Rubbing alcohol
  2. Scissors
  3. Leather heavy filler.
  4. 1200 grit sandpaper sheet.
  5. leather finish.
  6. leather colorant.


Step # 01.

Firstly, clean the surface of the leather. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the scratch. Make sure the leather is not aniline leather because it cannot be repaired. Allow the alcohol to dry out completely.

Step #02.

Take a pair of scissors and cut away the loose thread to make the area smooth.

Step #03.

Cover the scratch with heavy filler to make the surface even. Give it time to dry out for 30 minutes.

  • You can take this filler from the market.

Step #04.

After drying the heavy filler, you can use the sheet of 1200 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface with it.

Step #05.

After that, apply the appropriate shade of leather colorant. At this time, the scratch has been sealed and covered. The number of coats of the colorant depends on when the color of the colorant matches the furniture color. But you must give time for the coat to dry separately.

  • You can buy the leather dye from the market.

Step #06.

To protect the dyed heavy filler, apply a leather finish with a clean cloth. Now it is done and keep enjoying it.

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