Repair a Leather Purse Strap: How To Sew A Broken One?

How to sew a broken leather purse strap

Broken purse straps are common due to wear and tear, and due to the age of the purse. As we all know, too much weight in our purse can cause stress on the straps and stitches. Fixing the broken strap is very easy and it saves our money.

Can you repair your broken strap of leather?

The broken strap is repairable, but it should never be completely damaged.

Things you need to sew the strap:

1. Straight pins

2. Needle

3. Thread

4. Scissor

Step # 1: Thread cutting is the first step.

Firstly, cut the end of the strap to even up any frayed or torn edges but avoid cutting too much.

As a result, the strap will become too short if you cut it more than required. You have to remove threads from an unbroken strap and measure both straps to the same length.

Step # 2: Secure the straps

Fold and pin the purse straps’ ends around the metal rings that connect the straps to the purse.

  • But keep in mind that the purse straps should not fold too tightly. The straps can move freely on the metal rings. If your bag does not have metal rings, then pin the straps onto the purse in a suitable position.

Step #3: Sew the straps together.

After placing the straps in their positions, sew them in place. Use two to three strands of thread if you are sewing by hand. If you are using a machine, stitch the straps a couple of times. For sewing the leather, you need a leather point needle, because this needle allows you to push through the leather without tearing it.


Be careful with leather-point needles. They are extremely sharp and can cause injuries

Is there any solution for repairing the broken leather strap?

An effective and clear solution is available, named “superfast plus.” Superfast plus has greater versatility, making it a better antidote for broken leather straps. This adhesive glue is solvent-free and is the ideal glue for all your bonding requirements.

SuperFast Plus Glue

Use in different industries

 Super fast glue is not only used for leather but also in the hospital, medical, and food industries.


 It has good qualities that help it resist chemicals, vibration, weather extremes, and temperature fluctuations.

Ideal use

It is mostly used for broken straps because it is ideal for application and provides a permanent and efficient solution.

In conclusion:

As we know, the leather straps of a purse often succumb to tears or complete breakage. Due to the toughness and thickness of leather, it may be difficult to repair. If your bag strap has severe damage, then send it to a professional repair shop.

Many brands offer a repair service, like Prada and Gucci for handbags.

  • You can repair the strap if it has scratches on it. Sewing the straps is a better option than buying a brand new purse. It helps to save money and time that may be wasted in the markets. We are also aware that repairing our favorite products makes them last longer.

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