How to tell if the leather is real or fake?


Unfortunately, Unscrupulous people can give fake leather as real leather, which is a very bad thing. So you should be smart enough to know what is real and what is fake. To distinguish between them, you must know all the qualities that are found in them. To know their qualities, read our article. Keep reading this article to get rid of deception and to save your money.

Check the label of the product

The first thing you have to do is to check the label. If it is genuine leather, they will most probably mention it. Otherwise, there is a chance that it may be another kind of leather. Keep in mind that if it is written on the label that it is real leather, top-grain leather, genuine leather, made of animal hide, etc., then you can trust them.

Check the leather by touching it

Fake leather looks like real leather, but do not forget that real leather resembles skin as it has wrinkles on it. Feel these wrinkles by touching them to differentiate them from artificial leather.

Check the smell of the leather

The fake leather has a smell of different chemicals and smells like plastic. Real leather does not smell like chemicals, and it has a distinct aroma that can help to distinguish it from synthetic leather.

Check the pores of the leather

Real leather has pores in it, while fake leather doesn’t have them. Real leather is like our skin as has pores similarly real leather also has them. If you noticed pores on leather then it may be real leather.

Check the edges of the leather

By noticing the edges, you can also check whether it is real or fake. You have to check the rough and smooth edges of the leather. Real leather has a rough edge, while faux leather has even edges.

Check the absorption of the leather

Real leather can absorb a small amount of water due to the presence of pores. Fake leather doesn’t have pores, so it can’t absorb moisture. Hence, you can check it by dropping a small amount of water on your leather.

Check the price of the leather

Real leather is expensive as it is made from animal hides, has great durability. While fake leather is affordable because it is not as precious, as real leather.

Check the look of the leather

Real leather appearance is a little bit irregular because animal hide has scars, veining, stretch marks, etc. While fake leather doesn’t have scars, stretch marks, it has a very smooth appearance.

Do a fire test on it

To use this method, test it on a small part of leather. If it catches fire and gives off the smell of chemicals, then it may be fake leather. If he can’t catch fire properly and gives off a smell like the burning of hairs, then most probably it is real leather.

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