How to tell if the leather is veg-tanned?

vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable-tanned leather is well-known leather because of its tanning. Natural tannins are used in this process, like tree bark. Veg tanning is one of the oldest methods of tanning. Veg tanned has a natural look. Some properties of veg-tanned leather make you able to tell whether the leather is veg-tanned or not so keep reading this article to learn more.

To tell the leather is veg tan or not, you should know the difference between veg tan and chrome tan.

Veg tan Vs. chrome tan

Following, some of the differences are given.

⦁ Material usage.
A great difference between them is that veg-tanned leather is created by the use of plant extracts such as fruits and tree backs. While chrome tanned leather is created by the use of chemicals such as salt, acid dyes, chromium sulfate, and others.

⦁ Smell.
Vegetable-tanned leather has a natural smell and gives off the smell of sweet or may it’s woody. While chrome tanned has the smell of the chemicals or may be odorless.

⦁ Color.
Veg tanned leather has more natural colors, like earthy brown. While chrome-tanned is available in a variety of colors.

⦁ Effect on the environment.
The process of making vegetable tanned leather is not harmful to the environment, while the process of making chrome tanned leather is not eco-friendly.

⦁ Effect on humans.
The process of vegetable tanned is safe for humans, but the chrome tanned processing is harmful to humans and can cause various allergies.

⦁ Time required for completion.
The Veg tanned process takes nearly 2 to 6 months to complete, whereas the Chrome tanned process takes only a day or a few hours to complete.

⦁ Durability
Vegetable-tanned leather is more durable as compared to chrome-tanned leather.

⦁ Cost.
The price is a great way to determine the leather. If the leather is expensive, it may be vegetable-tanned leather, while if the leather is less costly, it may be chrome tanned.

⦁ Nature.
The nature of the vegetable-tanned leather is firm, while the chrome-tanned leather is soft as well as supple.

⦁ Reaction to metals.
Vegetable-tanned leather reacts well with metals. On the other hand, due to the use of chemicals, chrome-tanned leather can’t react with metals.

Tests to determine the leather

Test #01. Boiling.
Test #02. Burning.
Test #03. Water test.

⦁ Boiling.
 Take water and allow it to boil. Add a piece of leather and notice it. If the leather curls instantly, it means it is vegetable-tanned leather. If the leather floats in water, it has been chrome tanned.

⦁ Burning.
Burn a piece of leather. If your leather does not burn in flames and its ashes are grey or black, it may be vegetable-tanned leather. If your leather burns easily and the ashes are green, then it may be chrome-tanned leather.

⦁ Water test.
Add a few drops of water to the leather. If it resists water, it means it is chrome-tanned leather, and if it is unable to resist water, it may be vegetable-tanned leather.

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