Kangaroo Leather Soccer Cleats: Are they good? How to care for them?

kangaroo leather soccer cleats

Kangaroo leather is light, strong, and makes great soccer cleats. To maintain optimal ball control and to move your feet easily, lighter cleats are the best option for you.

Your cleats should be strong enough to not let you down on the pitch, and Kangaroo cleats are well known for their durability.

Kangaroo leather is much lighter and has ten times the tensile strength of other leathers. It has a more uniform orientation than the collagen bundles that run parallel to the skin surface. Kangaroo leather doesn’t have sweat glands. These characteristics distinguish Kangaroo leather and make it ideal for cleats.

The properties that are described here are given below

  1. Resistance
  2. Zero interference
  3. Durability
  4. Tailor-made feel
  5. Strength and lightness


When you kick your ball, the energy is distributed around the area of impact that avoids micro-fracture of the fiber that can develop a crack in the leather in the long term.

Zero interference

Leather cleats give you less material between the ball and you, which helps you control the ball.


Kangaroo leather cleats last longer than the other synthetic ones. Kangaroo leather cleats save your money because you need to invest your money again and again after buying Kangaroo leather soccer cleats.

Tailor-made feel

Kangaroo leather has an interweaving group of small ropes that experience a subtle expansion throughout that contours around the foot. The cleats feel like custom shoes after a few uses.

Strength and lightness

Kangaroo leather doesn’t require any shaving to decrease the thickness of leather. Kangaroo leather is naturally thin, light, durable, and three times stronger than other types of leather.

Method to care for your Kangaroo leather soccer cleats

Like every type of leather needs care and maintenance, Kangaroo leather also needs the care to maintain its strength and softness. If you take care of your Kangaroo Leather soccer cleats, they will last a long time.

Here we discuss the following methods of care:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Storage


Kangaroo leather should be cleaned more often. After the use of cleats, clean all the mud from the studs and put them in a soccer bag.

Clean the cleats with this method

  • Use a washcloth to remove dirt and mud with warm water.
  • Avoid the use of soaps because itchy can dry your leather and cause cracks.
  • Rub the leather with a leather dressing using a damp new washcloth.
  • After that, use the third cloth to wipe the leather. Use mink oil to soften the leather and let it dry overnight.


Leather kangaroo cleats need a specific storage place.

  • Stuff your leather cleats with the wadded-up newspaper that helps absorb moisture that is left in leather after the process of cleaning. Always store your cleats away from heat and in a well-ventilated area.
  • When your cleats dry, polish your leather cleats to keep them protected before the next game.
  • Store your leather cleats in a container that has airflow.
  • Do not keep your cleats in an airtight container because kangaroo leather cleats are highly absorbent.
  • If any moisture is left, it can cause mold.
  • If you have a box, poke holes in it that help it reach the air.

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