Guide to Choosing the Best Women Double Zipper Leather Wallet/Purse

A leather wallet is essential as it is durable and spacious. Leather wallets will hold many things such as pictures, ID cards, debit cards, etc. Women’s double-zip leather wallets look better than any other style of wallet on the market. Unique wallets will also create an impression of maturity for people.

Why is a leather double-zipper wallet a need for ladies?

A high-quality genuine double-zip leather wallet is not only sturdy but also convenient, practical, and stylish. These characteristics make it a lady’s necessity. But you can enjoy these benefits if you get the best wallet. To buy the best wallet, you should know all the buying guidelines for a leather wallet.

Is it good to use a double-zip leather wallet?

Leather is natural, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable. And if you choose a double-zip wallet, it will increase its value and be stylish and functional to use at any event.

Buying guidelines for leather wallets

Money will surely determine the quality of the product. You can select leather wallets according to your budget from different brands. But you should know that cheaper items have low quality. It is not always necessary to buy from expensive brands because their prices are higher than the quality of their products

Where to Buy

Most women want to buy online due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. But it is not necessary to buy online. If you know a reliable brand, you can buy from the market or online.

You should know what you need to put in your wallet while purchasing a wallet. Different-sized wallets are available in the market, and you should select the one that you need. To fit more things, bigger wallets are better.

You can choose any color that you prefer most but if you are confused to select the best one then you can select black or brown. Black and brown are common colors of leather wallets and they also don’t have any issue with personality.

Wallets of different materials are coming to the market, but you should buy them carefully to get a genuine one. Real leather quality is great, and you can choose it for yourself after satisfying yourself that the product is genuine.

Always consider the interior of the wallet when partitioning is available to save time when taking and placing different items in it. The leather wallet you buy should have plenty of closures and partitioning for your comfort in packing your items, and it should be well designed.

We have searched for the best double-zip leather wallets for you. It takes our efforts and time to choose them; we provide them is given.

Best Leather double zip wallets for ladies

  1. KALMORE Women’s Leather RFID Zipper Card Wallet.
  2. COACH Signature PVC Double Zip Wallet.
  3. Coach Pebbled Leather Double Corner Zip Wristlet.
  4. GUESS Abey Double Zip Organizer Wallet.
  5. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set travel Dbl Zip Wristlet.
  6. Cow Leather Women Double Zipper Long Wallet Large Capacity Ladies Purse

KALMORE Women’s Leather RFID Zipper Card Wallet


This wallet is secure, spacious, and cute. They claim that the wallet is made of genuine leather with a beautiful and elegant zip closure style. The wallet is Very convenient for those who travel. Its Size is 4.0” X 3.0” X 1.5” and its weight is 3.6 oz. This wallet is great to protect your valuable data such as credit cards, debit cards, smartcards, RFID driver’s licenses, and other RFID cards. So convenient and quick access to all cards with a slim and gorgeous design.


  1. Great quality of the wallet for the price.
  2. You may feel secure with this good small wallet.
  3. KALMORE Women’s Leather RFID Zipper Card wallet is well-crafted.


  1. The coin section is not well finished, may your coins will fall when you open it.
  2. May credit cards make your wallet too bulky.

COACH Signature PVC Double Zip Wallet


COACH Signature PVC Double Zip Wallet is made of pebble Leather. Great double zip closure and fabric lining Wrist strap attached 8” (L) x 4 ¾” (H) x 1 ¼” (W). Hopefully, you love the wallet as it can fit your phone in it.


  1. Fits your iPhone 12 max pro and Android.
  2. Good to use for your checkbook, cash, cards, and passport.

Coach Pebbled Leather Double Corner Zip Wristlet 


The wallet is imported and made of black Pebbled Leather. The interior compartment consists of Fabric Lining, 2 card slots, and 2 compartments. Approximate size 6” (L) x 4” (H). It is made well and can be put in your bag when you want to do so.


  • 1. It’s so good because it can hold your cash, credit cards, and your lipstick.
  • The bag is soft and nice.


  • 1. A bit tight for phones, and also doesn’t fit your iPhone.
  • The strap may come apart after some use, also, the zipper gives some issues.

GUESS Abey Double Zip Organizer Wallet


The wallet is made with polyurethane’s outer material and polyester’s inner material. It has 7 card slots, ID window and exterior zip pockets, antique bronze hardware, and interior 3 slip pockets. The wallet is with a detachable wristlet.


  1. The wristlet is detachable.
  2. A decent and beautiful wallet.

Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set travel Dbl Zip Wristlet


Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set travel Dbl Zip Wristlet has 2 zippered compartments, a removable leather wristlet strap, and an upper edge billfold slip. Its style is bifold with a clear ID window, 6 card slips,2 larger open slips, and a smartphone slip inside.


  1. The quality of this wallet is great.
  2. Great for daily use as well as perfect for travel.
  3. Hold many things you need.
  4. After holding things it will be light and convenient.


  1. May its zip will get rust and not close properly.
  2. Michael Kors Women’s Jet wristlet may create difficulties to get your cards out.

Cow Leather Women Double Zipper Long Wallet Large Capacity Ladies Purse


The outer material of cow leather women’s purses is polyurethane. Its size is 19*10*4.5 cm. They claim that its main material is genuine leather. The genuine leather type used is cow Leather. Its weight is 260 grams. Cow Leather wallet can be used for a passport, credit card, cellphone, car key, driving license, etc.


  1. A very beautiful purse for women to fulfill their needs.
  2. The wallet has great space to collect so many small items simultaneously.

Cons. Cow Leather Women Double Zipper Long Wallet’s style is not unique.

In conclusion.

According to our research, we have found the best wallet; you can choose anyone according to your preference. All things have pros and cons, so don’t think that one wallet will have all the features; you have to sacrifice some features. So choose one according to your basic needs. Best of luck.

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