Leather Piercing Tool: A Definitive Buyer Guide

The meaning of “pierce” is to cut through something, especially with something sharp. A piercing tool is something sharp that penetrates something else. They can be used to make holes in leather.

If you’ve ever been to a sewing store, you’ve seen a wide range of sewing tools, from the most basic to the most advanced. That’s what will make you nervous about choosing what’s best for you. In this article, we will discuss some sewing tools that make things easier.

First of all, whatever the product is, you should consider these factors.


The price of a thing should be reasonable; it should not be much higher than your budget, not too little that has low-quality items, so you should search the prices of your required items before buying them.


Brand reliability is important when making purchases, but that doesn’t mean you should go for expensive brands. A brand that provides quality for a reasonable price is better for you.


Items and tools that are long-lasting are better to choose than weak tools. So before choosing your leather tools, ensure their durability.

Easy to use.

Complex tools that are difficult to use make a person frustrated. So before spending money on any tool, make sure it is easy to handle and easy to use to make work enjoyable.


Before selecting a tool, make sure what sort of tool is suitable for your project and select it.

Leather sewing tools

Leather sewing tools have a wide variety of items that are used for stitching leather. They often include needles, sewing machines, thread, and leather-holding tools. There is a wide range of options available within these items to meet a variety of needs and styles. Leather sewing tools include stitching as well as joining leather. Both machine and hand tools are available.

Types of leather sewing tools

Leather sewing needles

These needles are narrow, cylindrical steel pieces with a sharp point and a small opening in one end. The thread is secured through the opening, and the sharp point is pushed through the leather. When the needle goes through the leather, it pulls the thread. By repeating, leather pieces have a line of stitches, and the thread binds the pieces of leather together. These needles have been used for a long time. Now, they come in a wide variety of options. There are special needles made for leather that have wider points to pierce thick leather.

Types of needles

Curved needles

These needles have a semi-circular, half-moon shape that makes it easy to pass through thicker substances such as canvas and leather.

Small Needles

They make it easier to sew smaller, thinner leathers by leaving a smaller hole.

Big needles

They are good at pushing through heavy material.

Needles for leather stitching machines

They have unique sizes and characteristics.

Other types of leather needles

  1. Two-prong leather lacing needle
  2. Saddler’s harness leather needle.

Leather sewing machine

A leather sewing machine is a powered piece of mechanical equipment that joins materials together. Stitches are connections formed between materials by threads. Unlike hand sewing, which requires each stitch to be made one at a time, machine sewing allows for faster, automated stitching.

Leather stitching machines at a high level have a sewing surface, spools of thread, a power source, a needle, and a control pedal. The fabric to be stitched is guided under the needle, and when the control pedal is pressed, the needle moves up and down, putting stitches into the fabric. The fabric is moved through the machine, which stitches constantly in a linear fashion. The stitching of the machine is consistent, clean, and strong. For a consistent finish on the leather, these machines are great.

Factor to consider

There are numerous machine options to choose from. Important factors to consider when selecting your machine are how heavy the fabric that will be sewn is and how robust the machine is. A robust and well-maintained machine can last for a very long time.

  • Furthermore, as they are powered instruments, the human effort required to continuously push a needle through a thick thread is substantially less. Things that may take hours by hand simply take minutes by machine.

Leather-holding tools

  • Leather Stitching Pony.
  • Leather stitching horse.
  • Leather stitching clam.
  • Table leather stitching clamp.
  • Leather sewing tower.

Leather sewing Aw.

This allows the threads to be passed by the needle and pushed through leather while stitching pieces together.

Leather stitching wheel.

This is a tool made for marking stitch hole sites on leather.

Leather thread.

This is used for joining leather pieces together.

Types of threads for leather.

  • Wax thread.
  • Bonded nylon thread
  • Linen thread

Leather lacing the fiddle

This is used to enlarge and stretch lacing holes while working with leather.

Sewing thimble.

It is a protective device that fits over a finger to aid in pushing a needle by materials while stitching by hand.

Hand sewing punch.

This is used to punch small, round holes into leather.

The leather piercing tool from Amazon

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A leather piercing tool can have a reservoir that allows the user to make holes in a row. The reservoir can be emptied and the piercing part cleaned by utilizing a wooden rod. To make holes, the user can either turn the tool and apply force to it or tap it with a rubber hammer. The seller described the following features of it.

  1. It will be easy to use and save your time.
  2. It punches sharp round holes of 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 3.5 mm, 4 mm, and 4.5 mm.
  3. Provide multiple uses and are useful for various materials.
  4. Perfect for belts, bags, watch bands, pet collars, store cards, etc. Also great for long, repetitive tasks without injuring hands because the handles are cushioned, ergonomic, and non-slip.
  5. Fits easily in a toolbox, so when you don’t need to use it, you can store it easily.

Another Piercing tool from Amazon

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This tool has a wooden handle that is rust-resistant. This tool is useful for screwing holes, punching, and scribing. It is a handy tool that helps to make your work better. Important features of this tool are given that we have searched.

  1. This is a tool that provides several benefits.
  2. Well-made, and handy tool.
  3. Extremely sturdy as well as sharp.

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