Leather Pouf Care Guide: How to Clean a Leather Pouf?

A leather pouf is one of the most beautiful things you can have around your house. The beautiful furniture will not only be furniture but will also be decoration. It is no less of an art. The work that goes into making one of these is extraordinary and shows in its beautiful silk and leather appearance. If all this wasn’t enough, these leather poufs offer more uses. They can be used to sit on, as footstools, and even as a table. It has many purposes and can be a true and long-lasting friend if you take care of it. 

How to Stuff Your Pouf? 

You can stuff your pouf with many things. Initially, camel skin was used, but if you do not have any on hand, do not fret, for there are many other options. 

Some of the filling options are:

Polystyrene Balls
You can use polystyrene balls to fill your pouf. With such a filling, your pouf will be soft and comfortable. 

Plastic Bags and Newspapers
If you do not have any other material, you can use plastic bags and newspapers to fill your pouf. This might not be as comfortable, and you might hear plastic bags every time you use the pouf, but it’ll do for now if you do not have any alternative. 

Another great way to fill your pouf is to stuff it with clothes. You can use the old clothes you no longer need, or better yet, you can also use them as a storage box. You can put in winter clothes and summer clothes in winter if you run low on space in your storage area. This will give your pouf a good and comfortable shape and look. 

You can also fill your pouf with cotton, wool, or blankets. These are comparatively heavier materials and will give your pouf a more solid and upright look. 

Cleaning Leather Pouf 

When cleaning your leather pouf, you must be very careful. You might ruin the surface if you start cleaning it with unknown things. Leather is a precious material, and several things can damage it. When cleaning your leather pouf, you must know that water is not good for your leather. If your leather comes in contact with water and is not cleaned or taken care of quickly, your leather will get ruined. Water molecules bond with the oil. This results in the oil being evaporated along with the water. If the oil is removed from your leather, the surface will become dull, and stains might also appear. This can also lead to the cracking of the leather. This way, your leather pouf will no longer be shiny, and its elegance can be damaged. 

To avoid such situations, here are some methods to clean your leather pouf without any problems. 

Checking instructions is very important to avoid messy situations where your pouf gets damaged. All the cleaning risks are mentioned on the instructions card. Make sure to go through the instructions thoroughly before cleaning it. 

Know The Material
Before buying the pouf, ensure you know the material and how it will be maintained. It is best to be prepared for any situation. So knowing your pouf will help you maintain it better and keep it safe. 

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaners are a safe way you can clean your pouf. They are used on the pouf the same way they are used regularly on the carpets. The vacuum cleaner will suck all the dirt and grime on your pouf and make it clean and new without damaging any leather. 

Dry Cloth
You can also use a soft dry cloth to remove the dirt from the pouf’s surface. Take a dry cloth and slowly rub it through the surface of the pouf. This can also prevent any dirt from accumulating on your pouf if you do this daily. 

Dusters can be used in the same way as a dry cloth. All you have to do is take a duster and dust off the surface of the pouf with it. This will not cause any harm to the leather of your pouf. 

Furniture Cleaners
Using furniture cleaners on your pouf is best to clean it well. Furniture cleaners are safe for your leather pouf. On the other hand, dish soaps and other detergents are unsafe and can damage your leather. It is best to avoid using those when cleaning your leather pouf. 

Removing it with an eraser as quickly as possible would be best if something were to fall on your leather pouf. This will also help remove any sticky things that come in contact with your pouf. 

Things to Avoid 

There are some things you should certainly avoid to protect your pouf. These things are;

Water is a big no for leather. Leather and water do not go together, as water can stain and damage it. So keep your pouf away from water at all times. If it comes into contact with any water, act as fast as you can to dry it. Use a soft cloth and wipe it off. 

Keep your leather pouf away from the fireplace. Heat is not good for your leather. It can result in its cracking of it. So put the pouf in that place of your house, far from the fireplace or any other heat source. 

The color of your leather will fade if it directly interacts with the sunlight daily. Put the pouf somewhere where sunlight does not reach. This area, most preferably, is away from the window. 

Not Stuffing Properly
Not stuffing your pouf properly will lead it to sag over time, and this can result in the cracking of your leather. When the sag occurs, the leather will start to crumble, and the shape will allow cracking. So stuff your pouf properly and check the filling after a few weeks to ensure it is not sagging. 

Keeping these few things in mind allows you to have your leather pouf with you for a long time! 

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