Leather Scrap Uses: Things To Do With Leather Scraps [10 Ideas]

We all know the importance of leather. It is an exceptionally amazing material. You can use leather to make many different things. These products can be clothes, shoes, accessories, and many others. If you have worked on a leather project, you must be aware of leather scraps. You will be amazed to discover that leather scraps can be just as useful and amazing as leather.

What Are Leather Scraps?

Scraps are the pieces of leather that are left behind once the project is done. These pieces are no longer needed in the current project and can be thrown away as they are not needed for the current project. It is never okay to throw away good leather. These scraps can be large or small and can be of different shapes and sizes. It does not matter that you did not require them in the project you are currently working on. It is best to not throw them away. This is because leather is expensive, and throwing away good leather will be wasting your money, but more than that, it would lead to many missed opportunities.

Therefore, if you have been working on a project and have some cut pieces left afterward, you have come to the right place.

Here are some things you can do with your leftover leather pieces.

How to Make Use of Leather Scraps

Different things can be constructed with cut-out leather pieces. You can start small projects with them or keep them with you for some other time. You can use them in multiple ways. Some of the ways you can use them are;

Leather Wallet

Wallets do not require much material. They are very small and can be made using limited materials. If you have some leather cut pieces, this is the perfect opportunity to turn them into a beautiful and elegant wallet. All you have to do is take the leftover pieces, make measurements and join them into the desired shape and size.

Leather Baby Slippers

Who doesn’t like leather shoes? They are comfortable and elegant and give off a classy look. Now imagine that but in a baby size. Simply adorable! You might not have enough to make shoes for an adult, but you have the measurements for a baby’s shoe. This will allow you to give your baby a cool and adorable look.


Belts are very easy to make. Simple cutouts can be used to make them without additional effort. All you have to do is take the measurement you want and turn those scraps into a rugged belt with those same measurements. Furthermore, you can use a needle and a thread to add any design of your liking. It will become your personalized belt.  

Phone Case

Phones have different shapes and sizes. All these sizes can be categorized as small. Imagine having a leather phone case. Your phone will never have looked more elegant. Cut the scraps according to the size of your phone. Then give it a little bend, twist at certain edges, and there you have it. You can also add any customizations you want, making your phone look prettier than ever.

Key Chain

Key chains are a very useful thing. Simple cutouts make them. They help you keep your things in order and safe. Your car, house, and office keys are safe due to the blessing that is a key chain. Imagine a leather key chain. The whole feel of that key chain would be different. The key chain itself will become an important thing. Instead of buying one, you can make your own at home with leather pieces. Make a personalized key chain of your own and let the world wonder and look in awe.

Luggage Tag

Your luggage must have a tag for safekeeping purposes. On the other hand, a leather luggage tag is on a level of its own. In addition, having a leather luggage tag can give your bag a luxurious look and make it look nicer. It is very easy to make. Since it is very small, all you need are small pieces. You can use a needle and thread to make it layered and more durable. Make a leather string to attach to the bag.

Leather Hairband

There are many leather accessories, but one only comes across a leather hairband a little. There are many accessories, such as bags, handbags, and belts, but a hairband is rare. You can do this easily with little effort. You can take the measurements you want to have so that it fits and then cut the pieces accordingly. You can give it any personal designs you want and make it unique.

Journal Cover

Your journal is probably already very pretty but imagine leather on it. Leather will only add to the beauty of your journal. You can take the measurements of your journal and cut the leather pieces according to the front and back measurements. You can align the pieces when you have made them. Stitch them from one side. Align the pieces. You should align them to ensure that all of the journals are covered. Once the cover is on, you can add other stuff on top of the cover to give it a personalized touch.

Leather Bracelet

Another thing that you can make from leather cut pieces is a bracelet. Having a leather bracelet on your hand can instantly give you a cool look. The best thing about making a bracelet out of leather is that you can give it any shape and design you want. This option is not available in shops, but you can do that from the comfort of your own home.

Gift Box

Another great idea is a gift box. A gift box made of leather will look fancy and expensive; since you have made it yourself, it will only add to the value of your gift.

With these ideas, you can use leather scraps and turn them into something amazing!

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