Leather Splitter Vs. Skiver: Comprehensive Comparison And Product Recommendations

As the name indicates, the leather splitter will split the leather and the leather skiver will skive the leather. In this post, we will define leather skiver and leather splitter, and we will mention their buying guidelines, as well as options to buy them that will save time and money.

What is a leather splitter?

A leather splitter is a machine that is used to split or sometimes skive the thickness of leather. The leather splitter has steel, metal, a hand crank, an iron framework, and sharp blades. A piece of leather goes through the machine rollers and blade for its splitting to the required thickness.

Types of the leather splitter

  1. Industrial leather splitter.
  2. The Standard Leather Splitter Machine
  3. The Handheld Splitter Machine

Buying guidelines

These are some factors that you should know before buying a leather splitter machine.


You should figure out where you are going to mount your machine. Mounting this machine in your work area is essential. Sometimes you need a space for the machine you get while with others to clamp down, for leather splitting, and unclamp. For convenience, you should mount your machine with screws. These are especially useful with wider-width machines.


As the features and characteristics of the splitter machine are increased, the price of the machine will be increased also. Everyone would like to have all the features in the machine, but the price will go up in this way. So I recommend you consider your workload and your needs and then spend money according to them.


The kind of material and quality of the material will affect the durability of the machine. Consider a machine that has robust and premium materials that will last a long time.

Splitting Action

The first is pull-action, and the second is crank-feed action. The machine is set to the required thickness, and then the leather is positioned and pulled to split the leather. With crank action, the machine will feed the leather being split through the machine as the crank is spun.


For smaller projects, you can use a 6-inch blade, but for bigger ones, you can go for an 8-inch blade to do the work better.

What is a leather skiver?

A leather skiver is a tool for leather to remove thin layers of leather. It is used to reduce leather thickness, making it useful for making belts. Leather skivers have sharp cutting blades. These blades will shave off a thin layer of leather.

Types of skiver

Skivers are available in many versions; some of them are given below.

  1. Manual skiver
  2. Tabletop skiver made of leather
  3. Skiver machine.
  4. Leather skiver knife.

Buying guidelines

Here are some factors you need to look for when shopping for it.


Considering need is important for buying anything because there are different types of machines available. They are different for small projects and commercial use. If we talk about skivers, then to deal with small projects, a manual skiver can do your work and for commercial use, you can go for a skiver machine.

Blades ( sharp and replaceable)

Consider sharp blades because it can make work easier. Blades become dull over time, so the blades of a skiver should be replaceable to make the skiver valuable every time.

Height-adjustable rollers.

To make the machine more convenient, you need to get the feature of height-adjustable rollers. This will help you choose how thin or thick you want the leather to be.


A reliable brand gives you peace of mind, so buying from a reputable brand is better for you. But brand reliability does not mean that you need to go for expensive brands only because sometimes you can get the quality of items from affordable brands.


Speed should be high and it depends on the motor, so to make the work easier, you need to consider a powerful motor. 1200RPM and above is good and gives you a better experience.


The price depends on the quality of the machine, but you don’t need to break the bank. Pick the best one that is within your budget. Always go for smart shopping; shop items wisely.

Full feature box contents

Full-featured boxes will be convenient for you and will save you time. You will get all the things in the packaging that you want.


Aluminum and stainless steel are the most durable skivers. Always consider robust materials for leather skivers. You need to buy durable items to save your money.

From where you can buy these leather splitter and leather skiver?

You can find them online sites like Amazon. You can find them anywhere online from your favorite websites and market. According to my point of view, Amazon is a trustable shopping app. You can buy your leather items from Amazon.
Here we provide some options to buy on Amazon after our research for you.

C.S Osborn splitting machine

They claim that their splitting machine has an iron frame, movable twist handles to set blade depth, have a locking stop (which can be set to return to the same setting). The user inserts a strap and pushes the handle forward and twists to lock in the position. While pulling leather, the user continues to move the handle forward with the free hand to make a tapered skive. The machine has replacement parts and a round bar across the blade for the safety of the user.

Weaver leather skiver

First of all the price of this skiver is very economical and it has a 6-inch precision ground blade. Weaver leather skiver has an adjustable stop that can be set for repeated level skiving and also handles adjustment for fast and easy lap skiving.  It has a stainless steel hold-down bar for level skives.

Newmind leather paring machine

Newmind leather paring machine is of high quality and made of stainless steel. The machine has a metal crank, firm clamp, and blade. The thickness of the blade is 18mm/0.71inch, and the length is 10cm/3.94 inches. The machine has adjustable peeling thickness and an adjustment screw on each side. Also has stainless steel shaft to make sure that the cortex is cut flat, and can be repeatedly cut to the required thickness.

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