Lugz Leather Boots Review: Are Lugz Boots Of Good Quality?

Lugz is an athletic and boot brand by family-owned Jack Schwartz Shoe Company Inc., (JSSI).  Lugz is a brand that appeared in 1993, the brand had two different shoe designs, pair of jeans in its product line-up, and a quilted vest. But after years, it developed its offerings. It gets a reputation and offers men’s, kid’s, and women’s styles in various countries. In this article, we going to review some boots of Lugz to make it easy for you to pick up one and also to understand their pros and cons.

Some reviews about Lugz from different buyers

Good reviews

  1. Some people have good experience with Lugz and said their Lugz shoes are durable.
  2. They provide comfortable shoes and has good sole and are good to walk with them.

Bad reviews

  1. May you feel your feet wet if you wear them in the grass with morning dew and in snow. And this may cause the sole to separate.
  2. Not long-lasting shoes according to people who are not satisfied with them.

But these things may vary from shoe to shoe

We have searched for some products of Lugz on amazon. You can make a better decision after reading people’s reviews about them that whether they have good quality or not. We did research a lot to collect the Lugz best shoes that are given.

Are Lugz boots good quality?

Lugz boots are made of good quality but as you know that everything has advantages and disadvantages. In this way, if some people say that Lugz is of good quality still some people have not good experience with them, they believe that they aren’t of good quality and not durable. The quality of shoes depends on the material used. So carefully select your boots after reading their label and satisfying yourself.

Lugz Men’s Convoy Fashion Boot

Product Description

This shoe is durable as well as secure with a padded collar, and a tongue for added ease, looks gorgeous. Great shoes to do work with them.


  1. Good quality shoes.
  2. Good to keep your feet dry.


  1. Not made of good construction and the toe will be peeled away.

Lugz Men’s Fringe Fashion Boot

Product Description

The fringe is a stylish shoe that provides steady traction from the start of the day to the end of the day. It has a moc toe design, a padded tongue, a durable lug outsole, and has cushioned insole for more comfort.


  • Great long-lasting footwear as well as stylish.
  • Good product for its price.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Look beautiful.

Lugz Men’s Zone Boot

Product description

Seller claim that the product is made of leather and has padded insoles. These boots are very comfortable and have good durability.  


  1. These boots Look fit.
  2. Good boots motorcycle gear.
  3. They are nice and decent shoes.


  1. Its insole is not very soft.
  2. Someone give its review that it might not be made of real leather.
  3. A person thinks they have wrinkles on the top of boots.
  4. Poor manufacturing.

Men’s Drifter-Ripstop Fashion Boot

Product description.

These shoes have a Padded insole, a cushion for more comfort, and a durable lug TPR outsole. Has breathable lining and lace-up hook closure. They are durable and have excellent traction. Its design is very smooth and you can enjoy your journey as they are comfortable.


  1. These boots have great style at a decent price.
  2. Its materials are of good quality.
  3. Good construction and is a comfortable sneaker.
  4. They fit amazingly and look good.


  1. Short-lived boots.

Men’s mantle mid-classic memory foam chunks boot

Product Description

The product is made of synthetic leather and it has cushioned insole for added comfort. These boots are made of durable slip-resistant synthetic rubber outsole, in this way you can feel secure while walking. Look great and is also comfortable. Shoes are laced up with speed hook closure.


  • Nice and comfortable shoes.
  • Their soles have good traction.
  • Good looking shoes.
  • Fit nicely.


  1. Scuffed away easily.
  2. The sole came unglued after a few months.
  3. Its quality is not great.

Men’s stagger Hi slip-resistant food service shoe

Product Description

These boots are stylish, long-lasting canvas shoes that are made to be comfy for long periods.  These boots have cushioned insole that adds comfort, a slip-resistant rubber outsole, lace-up closure, and breathable lining.


  1. Best and most stylish shoes for work.
  2. Super comfortable shoes.
  3. The slip resistance of these shoes is great.


  1. Not long-lasting.
  2. Sole can crack and separate.
  3. May not be made of 100% leather.

Lugz men’s clipper slip-resistant food service shoe

Product Description

These shoes have elastic gore on each side of the soft leather and a comfortable fit. These sneakers are very stylish, fashionable, and functional they will be good both at home and on the go. Their properties are leather upper, cushioned insole, breathable lining, slip-resistant rubber outsole, and classic slip-on style with side gore panels.


  1. Great kitchen shoes.
  2. They don’t slip.
  3. Comfortable shoes to wear for a long time.
  4. Durable shoes.
  5. Style is good for these shoes.
  6. They are lightweight.

Lugz men’s Elmridge classic 6 inches chunks fashion boot combat

Product Description.

Properties of Lugz men’s Elmridge boot are padded memory foam footbed, synthetic rubber outsole, synthetic leather upper, lace-up and speed hook closure with a zipper, and stylish.


  1. Super comfortable shoes
  2. Good quality shoes.
  3. Fits good.


  1. Poor quality.
  2. Someone said that it has fake patent leather and started coming off after a month of wearing these shoes.
Wrap up

We have provided you with a list of shoes of Lugz, you have seen that they have good reviews and also bad reviews. This is a common thing that happens with a brand, So you can select one that is suitable for you. Thanks!

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