How to prevent and fix patent leather from cracking?

Patent leather looks fabulous, and its care may sometimes become difficult. To keep them fashionable, you should know all the tips for taking care of your patent leather. First of all, simply use such products that are specially designed for patent leather and will not destroy the appearance of leather.

In this article, we will discuss patent leather care.

Take care of it using the given methods

  • First of all, remove dirt and dust by following these steps:
  • Clean your patent leather shoes with a slightly wet sponge or cloth.
  • The leather becomes firm due to wet weather and temperature changes, so you can use petroleum jelly or castor oil to get back its softness.
  • You can polish it with a velvet cloth.
  • Use specially made cleanser and conditioner for use on patent leather. Some cleaning products are alcohol-based because they cause cracking, so you should avoid them.
  • Do not dry patent leather shoes under a heater or any electric source. They should be dried in a well-ventilated area.
  • You should also avoid exposing dry patent leather to sunlight because this will cause fading.

Prevent patent leather from cracking

Get the best product

If you want to avoid cracking issues, you should buy an original patent leather item; it should be made of real leather instead of synthetic leather. You should avoid synthetic leather to avoid more issues with it. So getting a good-quality patent leather item is the initial step towards ensuring your item remains crack-resistant compared to low-quality material items. Get your patent leather products from a well-respected brand.

Apply oil to your patent leather

Constant lubrication gives the leather its tensile strength and a good look and feel. It helps to maintain the structural integrity and durability of the leather. You should use oil to nourish the leather fibers and prevent drying and cracking. Different oils can be used on patent leather items to maintain their look and prevent cracking. Castor oil is a good option to reduce creases.

Benefits of using castor oil on patent leather

  • Castor oil is a vegetable oil that reduces the amount of creasing on your patent leather items after they have been used.
  • It can be used on bags, jackets, and any kind of item made of patent leather.
  • Castor oil is a great method to prevent patent leather creases and cracking.

Use the Crease Shield while wearing

Patent leather shoes are susceptible to creases and cracks. You should take care of your patent leather shoes while wearing them. The use of a crease shield will minimize the creases in your patent leather boots. Buy the best crease shields that are breathable, keep shoes dry, and are adjustable.

Use Meltonian cream on patent leather

The Meltonian cream is a good way to make your patent leather look new and give it a long-lasting shine. It is made to safely clean as well, as to give shine to patent leather surfaces. The Meltonian cream is also great for preventing cracks. Before applying this cream, you should remove all the dust from your product. Then, apply the cream all over your patent leather item. After that, use a soft, clean rag to buff off the leather and leave it to dry. This will be great to lubricate and prevent cracking.

Prevent cracks by hanging or stuffing items when not in use

It is another way to prevent cracking, so when your patent leather item is not in use. Ensure to keep something in your leather item when you store it. Many people ignore this method, but it’s worthwhile to keep your product the same. Stuffing or hanging patent leather items will help your leather items, such as jackets, shoes, or bags, remain in the same shape for a long time.

Leather bags

You can stuff your leather bags with a bag pillow shaper. You can also hang them simply, but never leave them crumpled up or on the surface.

For shoes and boots

Use a nice shoe tree to keep shoes in good shape and prevent creases to avoid cracking and peeling.

Use newspaper

If you do not want to spend money, you can use the newspaper for stuffing. This will also do a good job of keeping patent leather items in good shape.

How to repair patent leather?

For scuff marks

  • You should rub the scuff marks with a material that will cause friction but not make more scuff marks.
  • You can use a microfiber cloth, gum eraser, or terry towel.
  • Then dip a clean cotton ball in rubbing alcohol if you still need to remove scuff marks. Then wipe it vigorously against the scuff marks.
  • Wipe it with a soft cloth to dry it.
  • Then, apply shoe polish to the scuff marks with a dry cloth. Leave the polish to dry entirely.
  • By using clear nail polish, you can apply a sheer coat of shine on top of the polish.
  • Leave it for almost 10 minutes to dry.

For rips or holes

  • Get an extra piece of patent leather that you can utilize as a patch. You can get it from older purses or shoes.
  • Cut a patch according to the hole or tear.
  • By using a razor blade, you have to scrape the patch edges to their thinnest composition, so that when you apply it, there isn’t a ridge.
  • Now apply contact cement to the tear or hole. Then, press your patch down to fit it exactly on the affected area.
  • Let it dry for almost an hour or according to the instructions on the contact cement.
  • After drying, gently clean it with a soft, clean cloth.


When the cement is dry, place a flat weight on top of the patch to help attach it. You can use a heavy object to attach it better.

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