Saffiano Vs. Pebbled Leather: Which Is Better?

Saffiano leather is considered more durable because of its plastic surface treatment and natural leather base. Pebble leather can also be created by natural leather, coated with a protective finish. Both are good to hide scratches and you can choose any of them according to your taste.

What is Saffiano leather?

Saffiano leather is textured leather that has a cross-hatch finish obtained by treating the leather using a specialized stamping machine. Then it is further finished by wax treatment. That is why the leather is highly scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. They are considered premium leather made from full-grain calf hides. A good leather for creating handbags and wallets.

What is pebbled leather?

Pebbled leather has a pebbled shape texture and is made of genuine or faux leather. Pebble texture adds visual appeal and more scratch abrasion resistance. They are used to make a variety of leather items. The surface is pressed by little round bumps or raised areas. This provides the appearance of small pebbles grouped.

The texture of pebbled leather may be very pleasant and is mostly made of soft leather. The appearance of the leather makes it less prone to marks and scratches from abrasions. Scratches are usually less noticeable in pebbled leather because the pebble pattern is commonly random in appearance.

They can be found in Real as well as vegan leather. They are suitable more for real leather, because natural leather may have some flaws and marks on the surface.

Saffiano leather vs. pebbled leather

In terms of which is better, it depends on personal choice. Both have benefits, and you can choose according to your preference. Saffiano leather has a distinctive look and a plastic coating finish. Saffiano requires care and maintenance to look great for a long time.

How to care for and clean your pebbled or saffiano leather?

You have to focus on the instructions to care for your product.

  • Empty the wallet, purse, and bag before starting the cleaning. Select a cleaning product that does not harm the leather. Before applying the cleaning item to the entire area, test the chosen cleaning item in a small area.
  • Also, check the cleaning cloth. If it damages the color of the leather, change it.
  • If your leather item has light stains and dust, you should use a soft, slightly damp cloth. Baby wipes are an alternative to it as they are gentle.
  • If stains are not removed by a soft cloth, you can use a slightly damp soft brush. However, use the brush with caution so that it does not ruin the appearance.
  • If you feel difficulty removing stains still, you can go to a specialized stain remover. Make sure the stain remover is suitable for your leather type.
  • After cleaning the leather stain, let the leather item dry naturally at room temperature. Keep your leather products away from a heat source.
  • If you are dealing with severe marks and stains, we recommend you contact a professional leather cleaning expert.

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