Smooth leather vs patent leather

Smooth leather and patent leather are both great, but you should know all about them to make a better decision. To understand their pros and cons, keep reading this blog.

Smooth leather

The word used to describe all types of leather, in which the visible side is the grain side, calfskins have a fine grain, and crocodiles have a strong grain structure, The top is “smooth leather.” Coated split leather or embossed is also referred to as “smooth leather” due to its look. However, this is not actually because the scarred side is not processed to the outside.

Benefits of the smooth leather

Smooth leather is the most common leather used to make various items because it is smooth and supple. Smooth leather is soft and absorbs moisture. Smooth leather is mostly dyed on the surface, so it has a smooth finish. The dye makes it water-repellent and dirt-repellent. The surface of smooth leather is relatively robust. The grain side of smooth leather is processed for the outside. The grain is more or less strong, depending on the animal.


  • Smooth leather is long-lasting leather; that is why it is used for making products.
  • The look of smooth leather is classic because leather is naturally beautiful.
  • comfortable leather due to its softness. Leather also offers maximum comfort due to its breathability.
  • You are less likely to have an allergy due to natural leather.
  • Leather has been associated with luxury and quality.
  • Leather and leather by-products are recyclable.
  • Leather can be used in many different ways to alter its color, resistance, look, and texture. The leather allows so many customization possibilities.


  • Wear and tear on leather can damage the damage over time.
  • Leather is sensitive to fluctuations in temperature; it can feel warmer in summer and chilly in winter.
  • Leather is stiff when it is first purchased but, over time, the material becomes relaxed and flexible.

Patent leather

Patent leather is a type of leather that has a clear, polished, and shiny surface. This leather is generally waterproof. Patent leather-made items are very fashionable and also highly functional. Patent leather is grain-free leather with a high gloss that has been gloss-finished or covered with a glossy film. Patent leather is used for clothing, shoes, caps, wallets, and handbags. Unfortunately, its surface is prone to scratches, so you must take care of them.


  • Patent leather has a highly polished surface that is very easy to clean. You can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to clean it.
  • Patent leather is long-lasting, so your shoes will last for many years with proper care.
  • The waterproof or water-resistant nature of this leather helps to protect your feet from harm, which is especially important in wet weather because wet feet can cause blisters and other skin issues.
  • These leather shoes are in an affordable range.
  • It’s less likely to peel than other leathers.
  • Unlike other leather, you didn’t need to condition it.
  • This leather provides a protective layer that prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating its fibers.


  • The discoloration is caused by exposure to UV rays.
  • Over time, with wear and tear, it will eventually lose its glossy finish.
  • Unlike other leathers, patent leather will not develop a patina.
  • Its smell is chemical-like.
  • Color transfer is easily obtained and may become permanent.
  • Creases on patent leather shoes are mostly irreversible.
  • It can also become sticky because of plastics on the surface that break down gradually.
  • It is not great-quality leather due to the plastic coating.
  • The lustrous surface requires proper maintenance.
  • Patent leather is not made of real leather; it is made by applying layers of oil on its surface.

 Comparison between smooth leather and patent leather

  1. Patent leather is more eye-catching than smooth leather.
  2. Smooth leather is breathable, while patent leather is not.
  3. Smooth leather is more expensive than patent leather.
  4. Patent leather has a chemical smell, while smooth leather has a rich natural smell.
  5. Smooth leather develops a patina over time, while patent leather can’t.
  6. Patent leather is easy to maintain and doesn’t need conditioning. On the other hand, smooth leather requires frequent conditioning.
  7. Smooth leather is more durable than patent leather.
  8. Smooth leather has a buttery-soft look while patent leather has a glossy look.

In short.

Both of these leathers have pros and cons; you can get them according to your needs. But make sure to take care of these leather types to increase their lifespan. Thanks.

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