Stitching Pony Dimensions Guide

Stitching pony dimensions guide

A leather stitching pony does a basic and simple job of holding leather projects in place to stitch them. There are some factors to getting the best grip action for your projects that will be discussed in this article.

The stitching pony’s size

Use of Large ponies

If your project involves bags, saddles, and purse, you’ll need a large pony. Large ponies can stitch small and big projects because they have a deep throat.

Use of Small ponies

If your project is on wallets, bookcases, belts, billfolds, etc., then you need a regular and portable pony to handle it easily.

What is the difference between big and small ponies?

 The depth and the width of large ponies is better than small ones. Larger ponies have better grip. While small ponies are easy to use and portable.

Stitching the pony jaw

Leather stitching pony jaw grips the leather to stitch firmly in place. They are usually covered, wrapped, and lined with a material (almost 8 inches long) that will not scratch or abrade the surface of the leather item.

Jaws that are commonly used

  1. Flat jaw.
  2. Narrow jaw.
  3. Wide jaw.

All of them are very practical.


The best leather pony has a better grip on its handle. The handle should be wide and thick for better grip.

Pony vs clamp vs combo action

There are different ways you will be able to mount the leather stitching pony for use.

  1. The first method is to sit on it or position it like you would when riding an actual pony. And sliding it in between the thighs.
  2. The second way of stitching ponies is that you will be able to mount them on your workbench and use them. It can be folded over the edge of the workbench, not in use. When you need it, you can retract it.
  3. All these ways are great, but they come at different prices. Therefore, if you have enough room on your workbench to have a dedicated spot for the leather stitching pony, you may use the stitching pony you can clamp to a workbench. Remember that if you frequently clamp and unclamp it, the clamp action will become weaker.
  4. You may also go for the stitching pony that can be used in both ways for the added flexibility of use.

Adjustability and sewing action

Adjust the stitching pong vertically, diagonally towards you, far away from you, or in any other direction you want the sewing action to be. That will help to make working very comfortable, easy and mobile.

Rotating vice

Most leather stitching ponies have a static vice, but others have a 360-degree rotational vice.

Rotational vice is one of the important things you want for your leather stitching pony because it allows you to rotate the entire head of the leather stitching pony freely to make room for further important adjustments and use. It also adds to the flexibility of the entire tool that will help to make stitching easier.

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