Leather vs synthetic football boots

Leather is a natural material, while synthetic is man-made but both have benefits and drawbacks, which is why choosing the best one is quite difficult, whether it is man-made or not. In this blog, we will discuss leather and synthetic football boots, which will be helpful for you to know all about them to get the best one. Let’s start in detail.

Leather football boots pros

  • The leather football boots become softer over time.
  • Leather football boots provide high comfort levels.
  • Leather has more durability.
  • Leather can stretch to accommodate wide feet.
  • Kangaroo leather football boots have less material between you and your ball, so it gives a natural and “real” feel when you control the ball.
  • They provide better protection than synthetic boots for playing because leather provides better-cushioning quality.
  • Kangaroo leather does not need to be shaved to reduce its thickness, like other leathers. This leather is up to three times stronger as compared to other types of leather. Hence, kangaroo leather is naturally strong as well as thin, and it also has great durability.

Leather football boots cons

  • Leather football boots are heavier than synthetic boots.
  • They become harder if worn in mud or rain.
  • Water can damage the leather.
  • If you store boots in damp areas, they will be damaged.
  • Newly purchased leather boots may be uncomfortable.
  • Some leather can absorb water, which may become a problem.
  • Care and maintenance will be required to keep them fresh.

Synthetic football boots pros

  • Synthetic boots are lighter than leather boots, so they are comfortable as well.
  • You can make different designs as well as you can color them.
  • Fits perfectly and bends easily with movement.
  • Synthetic boots come in various sizes and shapes.
  • Waterproof synthetic boots are also available.
  • Synthetic football boots will dry fast as compared to leather boots.
  • They do not require much maintenance, like leather boots.
  • They are soft to the touch.
  • Synthetic football boots are super easy to clean after your game.
  • Synthetic boots are cheaper than leather boots.
  • They can be produced easily.
  • Synthetic boots are available in better designs than leather boots.

Synthetic football boots cons

  • Synthetic football boots have less durability than real leather boots.
  • The comfort level of the shoes will not change much over time.
  • Synthetic boots will not stretch to accommodate wide feet.
  • Care and maintenance will be required to keep its integrity.
  • When synthetic boots become wet, they become slicker, making it difficult to find that killer touch and to get a better grip while striking the ball.

A few important properties of football boots

Some features of boots must be known. Read the features given to get your boots with maximum features.

  1. Raised football heel boot

First of all, a raised heel is an essential feature to prevent injury. A good heel will also help to keep you playing for a long time. When you play your game, zero-heel raised shoes will put a strain on your lower limb.

  • Outsole

You should choose the right football boot outsole for comfort. A polyurethane outsole will give better comfort as compared to a nylon outsole, but nylon is lighter.

  • Football boot studs

The number of studs on football boots is good for performance. More studs will help spread the load across the whole base of the feet. Moreover, smaller round studs will provide a good grip, but large studs or even “cleat” types of studs are used in the heel to provide a more defined grip and help stabilize the heel. Short studs will provide additional comfort on hard ground. Why do football boots have studs? As the small area of the stud creates large pressure and the boot sinks into the ground, it gives a good grip. So to improve grip or traction, studs or cleats are added to football boots. So players can play and run better without slipping problems with it.

  • Upper material.

Finding the best upper material is important for you to play football. Kangaroo-leather football boots will be good to give you closer contact with the ball. Different materials have different properties; some are water resistant, while others are lightweight and soft to the touch. So according to your needs, you can choose the right one.

  • Size

Size always matters to get comfort and ease, so it is good to wear the correct size of your boots. But remember, your boots should have a snug fit but not be so tight. Too loose boots will also decrease comfort and can disturb a player while playing.

  • Weight

Weight is important in playing because more weight on the feet can disturb a person while playing. A very light and thin upper will be great for close control. So avoid too-heavy shoes if you want more ease and comfort while playing football.

Should you buy leather or synthetic football boots?

Leather is mostly considered the best material for the upper section of boots due to its comfort over time, which is also helpful to control the ball. Although it’s absorbent, it can get heavier in wet conditions and is difficult to clean.

On the other side, synthetic boots are cheaper, but they also have some pros and cons. They are easy to clean, as well as have more options to customize them. So if you need budget-friendly boots, you can surely buy synthetic boots, but to get better quality, you need to spend more money if you want leather boots.

Final words

Surprisingly, if you think about cost and water resistance, synthetic material wins out over real leather. Synthetic football boots are also lightweight, and easy to clean. On the other side, real leather has a longer lifespan and lasts longer. According to your preference and your requirement, you can get the one for you. Thank you for reading! I am glad you have enjoyed this post to get information.

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