The Frye Company Review: Are Frye Boots Worth It?

Frye is known for producing high-quality leather boots for both ladies and gents. Frye mostly sells shoes, and also sells purses, apparel, caps, sunglasses, wallets, etc.

Frye boots have a history behind them. Their quality is fine and great. It takes over many steps to make one pair of Frye boots from full-grain leather uppers. Frye boots brand is not only old but also still making beautiful shoes.

History of Frye brand

Frye brand has started in 1863, founder John A. Frye start a shoe store on Elm Street in Marlboro, Massachusetts. In 1888, the company make its first boot. Frye Boots start to expand and make high-quality boots to adapt to trends, like Cowboy Western, and significant historical functions such as World War II. Their products are chosen for an inimitable style and good quality. Frye is a favorite of various people. The Frye company became a popular boot brand that has been seen by various celebrities of its time. They start their official website and cooperate with brands like Cutler and Burton.

Why are Frye boots so expensive?

Frye boots are expensive because they are made from high-quality materials and are handcrafted by experienced artisans. They are also made with attention to detail and a focus on durability and comfort. They also feature intricate designs and stitching, which adds to their cost.

Some important pros of Frye boots are given

  1. Their footwear is made of high-quality material.
  2. Boots offered various styles and colors for men and women.
  3. Provide various discounts.

Their main Cons

  1. Most of their boots are expensive.
  2. Most of their shoes are not suitable for wide feet.

Women’s shoes category

Women’s shoes’ main features

From Frye, Ladies can choose a wide range of boots. There are numerous types to suit you from Autumn Cut Frye ankle boots to strongly inspired Horseback Frye riding boots. Their women’s variety offers shorts, mid, and tall options, as well as wide-calf boots and cold-weather boots.

01. Frye Carson Ballet Flats for women

About this Item

This product is good for suppleness and good to wear for women for a long time. These shoes provide these ballet flats comfortable fit, a silky smooth. The product is durable, and its look and feel are great.


  • These shoes are very stylish, cute, and also great.
  • These boots are well made because of the beautiful leather.
  • Lovely shoes due to their quality and look.


  • Leather may be stretched and maybe slip while walking.
  • Its sole may also not run better and may ultimately separate from the shoes.
  • Do not offer arch support and grip.
  • They may feel cheap.
  • They make a squeaking noise when you walk.

02. Frye Ivy low lace sneakers for women

About this item

The product is soft and captures the customer’s attention. Their footbeds are designed for comfort for a long time. A unique and stylish look with durable comfort is great for you.


  • Hopefully, with this pair of shoes, you may not suffer from comfort issues.
  • You may not suffer blisters due to these shoes.
  • The design, color, and quality, of these shoes are great.
  • The style of these shoes is classic. Also, the material is soft.
  • You can wear them with a variety of outfits.
  • They are comfortable and cushioned.
  • Lightweight, fashionable, and high-quality shoes.
  • Wrapped very well.
  • Fabulous shoes.


  • May it doesn’t fit everyone, especially if you have wide feet.
  • Maybe they have scratches on them.
  • They haven’t arch support.
  • Too flat shoes.

03. Frye Women’s Sacha Chelsea booties

About this item

Frye Women’s Sacha Chelsea booties are made of leather, and its sole is made of rubber and leather. These shoes are stylish and have good quality. These are craft boots that will keep your feet protected and comfortable. The quality makes these shoes worth it.

  • Pros.
  1. Gorgeous boots and their quality is great.
  2. A person experiences it with a long walk, it doesn’t cause blisters.
  • Cons.
  1. They are very tight around the toes.
  2. Its grip isn’t adequate to keep a person from falling.
  3. Soles will be damaged.
  4. Some people experience them narrow and not as comfortable as they wished.
  5. They are not appropriate for narrow feet.

04. Frye Melanie Slip on Shoes for women

About this item.

These are crafted from premium Leather and white Rubber toe Bumpers and Soles,  removable Footbeds,  ¼” Outsole, and Leather Lining.  These sneakers are Fashionable with a simple design that make this everyday shoe for everyday adventures. Its supple leather lining in these sneakers for women provides a smooth fit.  It has a removable footbed to provide support with easy cleaning and replacement.

  • Pros.
  1. Soft and light shoes.
  2. They have soft leather that is comfortable and pliable.
  3. Its easy on and off makes them a great summer shoe, mainly when a sandal is not good for the weather.
  4. They are also classy.
  • Cons.
  1. They are narrow for wide feet.
  2. They are not ideal for orthotics.
  3. They get stained easily.

Men’s shoes category

Men’s shoes’ main features

The Men’s Frye shoe category has so many styles to select from, whether you want a lumberjack, cowboy, or urban aesthetic.  Frye designs men’s lace-up boots, Western boots, Chelsea boots, and boots for cold weather.

01. FRYE men’s Walker low lace-up fashion sneaker

About this Item

These shoes are great in style as well as very comfortable shoes. Its style is also great. Its leather is beautiful.


  • Quality shoes.
  • Stylish look
  • Have beautiful leather, inside and outside.
  • Good choice for casual wear.


  • Heavy and may cause blisters on your feet. So you may not feel comfortable in these shoes.
  • No arch support.

02. Frye Lewis Venetian loafers for men

About this Item

These shoes are hand treated and get better with age. Its stitching adds authentic touch and elegant simplicity. It has cushioned leather insole to provide superior comfort for a long time. These shoe soles ensure that handsome slip-on holds, both on the race track and off.

  • Very comfortable shoes.
  • The leather is very supple.
  • The shoes are well structured.
  • Impressive quality, the shoes will fit well.
  • Good shoes for driving and casual wear.
  • They are not so stiff.
  • High-quality leather and construction.
  • Beautiful overall look.


  • Little narrow for my wide foot.
  • Not the most comfortable for long walking.
  • Someone reviewed that it gets Hole within 5 months.
  • Someone gets a design flaw that makes a crease at the toe.

03. Frye Tyler lace-up boots for men

About this Item

Their construction offers elasticity, and they have a unique appearance as well. They have Leather soles with rubber foreparts and a top lift for more traction making these men’s leather boots a must-have product. They have soft leather lining comfort footbeds.


  • These shoes are made of great leather. The leather is very soft and the comfort and fit are great.
  • They are greatly constructed and very comfortable.
  • They will look good with dress clothing.
  • Excellent product.


  • They are narrow shoes.
  • Not ideal for summer due to the warm.

Care and maintenance of Frye shoes

  • They should not be worn in snow or rain.
  • To clean them, use a soft buffing cloth, not a horsehair brush.
  • Apply a leather conditioning cream specially made for Frye shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Frye boots worth it?

Yes, Frye boots are worth it due to their various features but they are expensive as well. Frye boots are of good quality but still require care and maintenance. Moreover, there are several boot styles to select from. Many people are satisfied with this brand and some are not. So, before buying any product, you should be conscious of its pros and cons.

Is Frye a good company?

They have both pros and cons. Many people are satisfied with their products while other are not. Satisfaction will depend on the choice of a person and the quality will also vary from product to product. You have to buy carefully, whatever the brand is.

Are Frye shoes comfortable or not?

They’re lightweight as well as super comfortable. Sometimes they do not have arch support but most of them are comfortable. Most importantly, if they fit well they will be comfortable for you.

Are Frye boots Waterproof?

These boots are not waterproof. The creams, dressing, and sprays can make them resilient to water. If you need waterproof shoes, you should move to another brand that offers the best waterproofing shoes.

Are Frye boots good for wide feet?

According to our research, Frye boot is not suitable for wide feet, most of their shoes are narrow. People who have wide feet, mostly are not satisfied with narrow Frye boots.

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