Best leather wipes for handbags (That Don’t Cause Damage)

Women love handbags and they take care of their bags so much. Sometimes they are in a hurry or in traveling, so they require a quick solution to clean their handbags. Leather wipes can clean the handbags very beautifully as well as quickly. They are affordable and come with different brand names, so you can choose the best one according to your requirements. In this article, we are trying to choose the best leather wipes for handbags to save you time in finding them.

The best leather wipes for handbags are

  1. Weiman Leather Wipes.
  2. Air Jungles 3-in-1 Leather Cleaner Wipes.
  3. Magic Wipes.
  4. Lexol Leather Quick Care All-in-One Formula.

Let me define leather wipes before I begin the reviews of the best leather wipes.

What are leather wipes?

Leather wipes are used for cleaning different leather items such as purses, sofas, handbags, seats, and other items of leather. The good thing is that they can be used for both natural as well as synthetic leather materials.

You may wonder why they are specially formed for leather items, although they look like regular wipes and they help to rejuvenate leather with natural oils and also do the work of cleaning. May you are confused that why regular wipes are not sufficient for leather items? Regular wipes may not have the particular oils that are essential for leather.

Can you use leather wipes on all types of leather handbags?

Leather wipes are effective for removing grime, fingerprints, dust, makeup, and other stains from your handbags. However, you may be perplexed as to which materials you can use leather wipes on. The answer is that you can use the leather wipes on various leather types, such as real leather and faux leather. They can be used on non-porous and semi-porous materials. But make sure to test on a small patch to get more satisfaction and to check for any harm. They are used on various products such as handbags, sofas, car seats, wallets, belts, shoes, etc.

Buying guidelines

Most of the time, we regret buying something when we bought it wrong. So it is important to know the guidelines before spending your money and time. You should follow the given guidelines for getting the best one.

  • Non-toxic.
  • Price.
  • Function.
  • Brand.
  1. Non-toxic: Buying non-toxic wipes is important because pets and kids may put them in their mouths. Also, they should not damage the leather and should not alter the pH of the leather. The pH of leather wipes should be close to that of the leather.
  2. Price: You may have expensive bags, so do not go for cheap items that can destroy the quality of the bag. But it doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank. You should buy leather wipes according to your budget. Leather wipes are not expensive, but they come at different prices, so you should buy the best ones. Price is mostly influenced by ingredients, brand, function, and the number of wipes. Seeing these four things is also important.
  3. Function: Mostly, leather wipes are used to clean, protect, and condition. If leather wipes have these three features in them, it is good for you to invest in them.
  4. Brand: Leather wipes come with the names of different brands. One thing to keep in mind is that expensive brands do not always have high-quality items. So you can buy quality items at a lower price from good brands.

Our Reviews for some well know leather wipes

01. Weiman Leather Wipes

Weiman leather wipes are best for handbags. The Weiman brand is a business cleaning with over 39 years of experience. They offer high-quality cleaning items with efficient results. I hope their leather wipes will be the best leather wipes for handbags. These leather wipes are good to clean, condition, and protect finished leather handbags. These wipes can be used frequently to make your handbags flexible and look stunning because of how safe they are. The good thing is that this product won’t cost you a lot despite being of such high-quality wipes and coming from such a good brand. Pros and cons are given for Weiman leather wipes.


  • The women’s leather wipes are used to provide UV protection to prevent fading, cracking, drying, and sun damage.
  • These wipes are excellent for leather handbags, both non-durable and durable.
  • They are good for giving a lovely shine to leather bags.
  • They will effectively moisturize, soften, and repair leather handbags.
  • It’s great to clean the leather handbags.
  • The method of use of these wipes is quite easy.
  • Their ingredients are non-toxic and harmless.
  • They are not oily and don’t have an odor that can disturb someone.
  • They are good because they don’t leave residue behind.


  • You will need to close the lid of the packaging all the time as it dries out fast.
  • Unfortunately, these wipes are not appropriate for unfinished leather, suede leather, and nubuck leather.

02. Air Jungles 3-in-1 Leather Cleaner Wipes

These wipes are the best because they are large, measuring 8′′ x 10′′. The Air Jungle Leather Cleaner Wipes are durable and gentle because they are made of special microfiber fabric. These wipes will last a long time due to the large number of wipes in a pack. They are used for cleaning various items such as car seats, handbags, and shoes. They are good for removing dirt, oil, tough marks, and grime from leather surfaces quickly. They are considered good for cleaning new and old leather products of all colors.


  • These wipes will renew the leather’s beauty and also add a brilliant shine to your leather surfaces.
  • These wipes are lint-free, so you don’t need to worry about residue.
  • Air Jungles 3-in-1 Leather Cleaner Wipes are alcohol-free, so they will not dry out your leather handbags.
  • They are a good time-saver for cleaning, conditioning, and buffing.
  • The wipes are safe to use for leather; they will not cause any harm to it.


  • They may leave hazy smudges.
  • The wipes are thin as well as fairly dry.

03. Magic Wipes

They are great due to their best-conditioning nature. This brand is not super popular, but the quality of the wipes is good and better than many others. Many wipes can not only clean the leather surface, but they can condition as well as protect the leather surface. They are beneficial in restoring the natural luster and nourishment of leather. Magic wipes also have a composite synthetic film-forming factor that acts on your leather to prevent leather aging. So they are great for conditioning leather handbags. This is super easy to use with no special skills required.


  • Magic wipes are non-toxic and harmless.
  • They are easy-to-condition leather handbags.
  • The wipes provide conditioning as well as protection.
  • They are non-sticky, which makes the work easy.
  • You can carry them easily.


  • The price of magic wipes is expensive.
  • Maybe the price of these wipes doesn’t meet your expectations.

04. Lexol Leather Quick Care All-in-One Formula

They are good because they are good cleaners as well as conditioners. These wipes can be used on furniture, shoes, bags, and other accessories made of leather. You can restore your leather with Lexol All Leather Cleaner because it can lift dirt and oils. These wipes allow for an effortless and tension-free wipe-away clean. They are good for preserving and protecting the leather from cracking by nourishing and maintaining its flexibility. You can rejuvenate your leather handbags and preserve their natural beauty and long life with Lexol Leather Quick Care Wipes. They contain specially formulated oils that provide a supple feel.


  • They do not have unnecessary additives, so they prevent discoloration.
  • It is easy to use and helps clean handbags when you are busy.
  • They are three in one. They can clean, condition, and protect leather handbags.
  • They will provide nourishment that increases the utility of leather.
  • They protect handbags from UV light to prevent sun damage.
  • These wipes are ideal for dyed and light-colored leather.


  • They have a strong odor.
  • If the cap doesn’t remain shut, the wipes will dry fast.

How you can use leather wipes on leather handbags?

Many people use leather wipes due to their convenience because they are specially designed to provide ease. So they are easy to use to clean leather handbags. You have to use leather wipes by simply taking out a piece of wipe at a time, then thoroughly wiping down the leather handbag, similar to cleaning with regular kitchen wipes.

  • If you want to make it more simple, divide the leather handbag parts and wipe each part separately to ensure better cleaning.
  • Some leather wipes contain ingredients that can condition your leather handbag, so in this case, after cleaning your handbag, you don’t need to condition your bag.

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