What Is Aniline Leather?

A type of dyed leather made entirely with soluble dyes. It is considered a high-quality product. Aniline leather is soft and elegantly supplies all types of leather. Aniline leather displays the hallmarks of real leather, such as healed scars, wrinkles, fat, growth marks, scratches, and insect bites.

Dyes for aniline leather

Aniline dye is a water-soluble, translucent, synthetic dye that does not have any insoluble pigments. In the process of dying, the genuine grain, including all the markings, wrinkles, and scars, is brought out in each piece of leather. The dyes used for aniline leather are known as tar dyes and aniline leather.

Full aniline, semi-aniline, and pull-up aniline leather

Known as pure or full aniline leather, it is the most natural form of Napa leather, which is particularly soft and tanned leather and hides taken from an animal.

Semi-aniline leather is made by the same process as full aniline, but it has a thin protective topcoat to protect this leather from staining and wear. Semi-aniline leather is more durable than full-aniline leather.

Pull-up aniline leather has additional wax and oil on it to provide a soft look. When pulled up leather is stretched, it becomes lighter in the pulled area.

How is aniline leather produced?

To make aniline leather, tanned animal hides are dyed in a drum with aniline dyes. On the other hand, the semi-aniline dye has a small amount of pigment that permits the leather to display its natural features while bringing more hue consistency. Pull up aniline leather formed by applying a coating of wax or oil. 

The pros of aniline leather

  • Aniline leather is unique due to its high quality and appearance. 
  • It develops a Patina over time because it absorbs body oils. The result is soft and supple due to the lack of additional coatings and processing.

The disadvantages of aniline leather

  • Care is required regularly because it gets marks and stains easily.
  •  It needs conditioning to prevent drying. 
  • It will fade in direct sunlight.
  • Furniture made of aniline leather is less suitable if you have children and pets.

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