What Is Bonded Leather?

bonded leather

Bonded leather is known as reconstituted or blended leather, and is made from leather pieces that remain. Hence, bonded leather contains an animal hide.

Manufacturing of bonded leather

Bonded leather is manufactured by shredding scraps of leather and then mixing them with bonding materials. After that, this mixture is extruded onto a paper backing or a cloth. Finally, its surface is embossed with the texture or grain of leather to make it look like genuine leather.

Appearance of the bonded leather

Bonded leather looks like real leather at first sight. Bonded leather is thin to the touch and has less softness as compared to real leather. Unlike real leather, it gives off a chemical smell.

Uses of bonded leather

There are many uses for bonded leather, such as being used in the manufacturing of upholstery, bookbinding, making shoe components, belts, handbags, and others. Delicate paper-backed bonded leather can also be used to cover diaries, books, and other desk appliances.

Durability of bonded leather

It is less durable than genuine leather because of the shredding process. If you want to increase the lifespan of your bonded leather items, you should take care of them.

Pros of bonded leather

  1. It is a cost-effective option to reduce waste.
  2. Bonded leather is formed by remnants, that is why it does not require more farming.
  3. product consistency.
  4. eco-friendly.

Cons of bonded leather

  1. It is less durable and has a shorter lifespan than genuine leather.
  2. Bonded leather is difficult to repair.
  3. color damage due to sunlight.
  4. It is difficult to clean, as some cleaners are not appropriate for it.
  5. Peel it off over time.

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