What Is Brain Tanned Leather?

brain tanned leather

Brain tanning was done by North American Indians who used smoke to preserve the hide. The brain tanning method is an old method that is rarely used now. Brain-tanned leather is also known as “buckskin” and “Indian leather”. This process is also familiar to the Sami in Scandinavia, the Zulus in Africa, and various peoples from Asia. Brain tanning is suitable for the leather of all mammals. This leather is tanned in the juices and chemicals of the blood of the animal. It can be made by various animals.

Features of brain tanning

  1. Brain tanning is one of the fast processes that take a few days.
  2. Less effort is required.
  3. Make leather soft.
  4. In this method, only natural products are involved.
  5. Unfortunately, this process is not as easy as other tanning methods.

Brain-tanned leather has several applications

  1. Brain-tanned leather is mostly used for clothes and bags because of its softness.
  2. The appearance of brain-tanned leather.
  3. They are usually available in white and light colors. They have a distinctive appearance as they are soft and breathable.

The Benefits of Brain-Tanned Leather

  1. Brain-tanned leather is not expensive because expensive chemicals are not required.
  2. Through this method, leather will become soft and malleable.
  3. It resists water more than other leathers.
  4. No unnatural chemicals are used.
  5. comfortable.
  6. Breathable
  7. Durable
  8. Eco-friendly

Brain-tanned leather has the following drawbacks

  1. It requires a lot of effort.
  2. Durable.
  3. Brain-tanned leather is more flexible than vegetable-tanned leather.
  4. Highly labor-intensive.
  5. It is pricey.
  6. It is difficult to find brain-tanned leather.

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