What Is Calfskin Leather? Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

calfskin Leather

Calf leather or calfskin leather is manufactured from the skin of calf or juvenile domestic cattle. Calfskin has importance because it is valuable due to its durability, fine grains, and softness. Calfskin usually comes from the baby cow. They maintain their shape and look for a long time.

Uses of calfskin leather

Calfskin is mostly used for making wallets, bags, purses, shoes, clothing, and leather bookbinding. Calfskin is thicker than lambskin.

The durability of calfskin leather

There is great durability of calfskin leather because of its great amount of collagen, an amino acid that makes the skin. They are durable as well as soft and smooth. Hence, many fashion brands are using calfskin leather. But due to its softness, calfskin leather is vulnerable to marks and scratches but it can be restored by experts or you if you know what to do.

Calfskin leather waterproof properties

Calf leather is somehow waterproof because mostly leather is not as fully waterproof as human skin. But if you want to make your leather skin to be waterproof, waterproof spray can help you. Remember that if you keep your leather away from water or heat, its lifespan will increase.

Advantages of calfskin leather

  1. Use to make various durable products.
  2. Soft and smooth appearance.
  3. Maintain its shape.

Disadvantages of calf skin leather

  1. Vulnerable to marks and stains.
  2. Not fully waterproof.
  3. Less thicker than lambskin leather.

How to increase the lifespan of calfskin Leather?

By moisturizing and conditioning your calfskin leather, you can increase its life. To remove stains and marks, you can use a damp cloth with soapy water. Always avoid harsh soap and cleaning solutions that cause cracking and drying out.

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