What is Capri Grain Leather?

capri grain leather

Capri grain leather is a hard wax pull-up leather. It is a full-grain, lightly embossed product to increase the cutting yield. It is considered soft leather. Capri Leather is used to make book covers. The most common Capri grain leather colors are black, tan, and burgundy. Capri has been produced in the same tannery for over 20 years.

Capri grain leather characteristics

⦁ Capri grain leather is used to make various items such as book covers, upholstery, clothing, accessories, etc.
⦁ They have a beautiful appearance and are offered in several colors.
⦁ Capri leather is a good choice if you love leather and good to show trends and beauty.
⦁ Capri grain leather is high-quality leather.
⦁ Capri leather will improve with age.

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