What is Genuine Leather?


Everyone loves real leather. No one wants to buy fake leather. But the question is whether the genuine leather is real leather or not. Genuine leather is one of the lower quality leathers of real leather. You can also say that “genuine” means that a product is made of leather, but that does not infer high quality. Genuine leather items are cheap to purchase but inferior to “top grain leather” or “full grain leather” items. It is not as durable as real leather. Genuine leather may be a decent low-end purchase.

Uses of the genuine leather

The durability of genuine leather is less as compared to real leather. Genuine leather is used to make handbags, purses, shoes, and briefcases.

Advantages of genuine leather

  1. The look of genuine leather is excellent for the price.
  2. It is easy to maintain genuine leather.
  3. If you take care of genuine leather, its lifespan is increased.

The disadvantages of genuine leather are:

  1. Genuine leather will stretch over time.
  2. In warm weather, leather will make you hot and sweaty.
  3. Maybe some people consider that genuine leather is real leather.

How to care for genuine leather products?

Genuine leather is easy to maintain. Wipe the product of genuine leather with a damp and neat cloth. Do not use wet clothes. You have to do this regularly, or even daily if you can. If you take care of your genuine leather, you can increase the lifespan of your leather. You should use conditioner on genuine leather to prevent cracking.

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