What Is Latigo Leather?

latigo leather

Latigo leather is made of the hide of a cow that goes through a combination of two tanning processes. One is chrome tanning and the other is vegetable tanning. Before this combination of tanning, it was tanned by the combination of Gambier and alum.

Process of manufacturing

Latigo is mostly infused with waxes and oils. Hot stuffing, fat liquoring, and wet stuffing techniques have been devised to increase the amount of wax and oil the hide can retain. Because of wax and oil infusion (and partial chrome tanning), leather is moderately flexible and less rigid as compared to full vegetable tans and more rigid than full chrome tans. Latigo is an expensive hide due to its weight and tanning process.

How is latigo leather formed?

The majority of it is made of cowhide. Initially, it is chrome tanned, in which case soaking of the hide in acidic salts and drying it is involved. After that, in the process of vegetable tanning, it soaks in a series of vats with high amounts of tanning solutions. Then, the hides are tumbled in big drums to absorb oils and waxes after completing the tanning process. After that, leather will become more supple and pliable. Due to the combination tanning process, leather will become unique.

Quality of the latigo leather

Pliable and durable leather that withstands rough usage. Latigo leather is not stretchy and becomes soft in a short time. Because of the high concentration of oils, it is resistant to moisture and sweat.

The appearance of the latigo leather

Latigo leather is available in dark and light shades. With time, it will develop a patina. It is more rigid than full chrome leather but less rigid than vegetable-tanned leather.

The Benefits of Latigo Leather

  1. Resistance to moisture and sweat due to oils.
  2. A little water resistance.
  3.  Have good durability.

Latigo leather has the following drawbacks

  1.  The weight of this leather is heavy.
  2. Expensive option.
  3. Manufacturing of the Latigo leather requires many days.

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