What Is Leather?


Leather is a flexible, strong, and durable material made of animal hides and skin that is obtained from the chemical treatment or tanning process. Usually, leather is made from cows, goats, sheep, deer, buffalo, ostrich skin, and many others.

Uses of Leather

There are so various uses of leather. Leather is mostly used to make a variety of items such as furniture, handbags, clothing, sports equipment, footwear, tools, and many more.

How is leather formed?

Leather is made by a technical and lengthy process that has to be followed with attention and care for the process to produce high-quality leather with the same finish every time. Animal hides are used to start this process, and by the end of the journey, a piece of leather will be there to make handbags, garments, and other leather items.

Why is the leather used?

Leather has many salient features and properties which are given in this article.

Environmentally friendly.

Leather is an eco-friendly material that does not harm the surrounding.

Alluring appearance

Each piece of leather has a charming look. Every wrinkle, sign, and nuance distinguishes the hide and raises its monetary value.


The quality of hygiene is obtained after many different working processes.

Pleasant to touch.

Leather has a beautiful appearance and is good to touch, that’s why it is used for fashion.

Thermal insulation

The hide acts as an insulator between the environment and the body and helps to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

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