What Is Nubuck Leather? What Is It Made of? (Pros & Cons)

what is nubuck leather

Nubuck has a suede-like feel, but it’s more lasting because it is created from the top grain of the skin. It has a wonderful look and feels to it, and it is used for a variety of purposes. It blends the greatest qualities of many different types of leather. You can use the term suede instead of nubuck. The appearance and feel of suede and nubuck leather are very similar. They do, however, differ in several ways, such as in terms of reliability. 

Because it comes from the exterior side or outer layer of the leather hide, nubuck is far more durable. The side is normally more durable and stronger. Nubuck is also a high-quality leather since it is made from the top grain layer of the skin. Chrome-colored leather and vegetable leather are two more types of leather that are similar to nubuck.

Nubuck leather is also available in a variety of colors. Leather clothing and other personal leather were common uses.

How Is Nubuck Leather Produced?

Buckskin from deer or stag has typically been used to make Nubuck Leathers. These varieties of animal skins were popular in the United States market at the turn of the century. This type of leather was not first extremely popular or successful. The leather only became popular after the Prince of Windsor introduced the Nubuck style and look during his royal visit. 

Calfskin is easily obtainable by, and there is enough of it. Leather manufacturers employ the calfskin’s outer layer to create nubuck. It’s worth noting that the exterior layer they’re utilizing is top-grain or full-grain. This indicates that the material is of good quality. The outer layer of the animal skin is tougher than the interior layer. It is also a bit harder than the inner layer. 


Nubuck is more durable and strong than suede since it is created from top-grain leather. It is also more long-lasting than bonded leather, which doesn’t use the top-grain section of the skin. Due to its rough surface, it is more resistant to staining and staining than other leathers.


The nubuck leather can be dyed or stained to any color once it has been combed or polished to give it a velvety feel and look. It has the best form to it and is easily damaged. Rubbing the nubuck’s surface causes the color to shift as the direction of the short fibers shifts. With long use, nubuck can develop wear.

Products Nubuck Is Commonly Used For:

Shoes, jackets, wallets, handbags, travel bags, briefcases, furniture, and a variety of other goods are made of nubuck. It is commonly used in the manufacture of boots and shoes. It is suitable for both luxury and less-exclusive objects, given its history of being connected with fashionable figures and royalty.

Nubuck’s Advantages:

Because it is made of top-grain leather, nubuck lasts a long time and is relatively durable. Synthetic leather and leather attached to synthetic coats do not breathe as well. It is not only comfortable but also attractive in any product in which it is used. It does not require polishing or shining, unlike certain other leather varieties. It takes less upkeep than many other types of leather due to its flat surface, which simply requires periodic washing.

Nubuck Disadvantages:

Nubuck has the drawback of being ideal for surfaces that will be exposed to mud, dust, and grit. It darkens while wet, but when dry, it returns to its natural color. Because oils and other dirt can stain nubuck, it should be handled with care when worn outside. Other high-quality leather products do not have this issue.

Nubuck’s Caring: 

Nubuck, like all varieties of leather, requires some gentle loving care. Maintaining your leather will not only keep it clean but will also extend its life. It’s not always easy to keep leather clean. Although it is a durable material, cleaning it is another matter. Leather, for example, is extremely sensitive to water and cleaning agents. The leather may be damaged if it is exposed to water for an extended period of time or if harsh cleaning products are used. To care for nubuck leather, you’ll need the right technique and instruments. Despite the fact that nubuck is easy to clean. 


If you’re looking for a comfortable leather product that is easy to care for and looks great for any event, nubuck is a good option. However, keep in mind that water, oil, and soil can damage the velvety surface of this product. If you’re looking for a less expensive option that looks similar, consider suede leather.

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