What is pebbled leather?

The pebbled leather is a type of leather that has a rough surface. Pebble leather has raised, round, and bumpy patches that push into the surface. This texture of pebbled leather is appealing. The great thing about it is that it is less prone to abrasion marks and scratching. As it has an irregular design, its scratches are less obvious.

Origin of pebbled leather.

The Scotch grain provides us a clue about pebble origins. A craftsman in Scotland leaves his leather piled up on the pebbled floor of his work area. He observed that the lowest side had a pebble pattern that had been there for a few weeks. His customers like the boot that he makes from this leather. This is the story of how pebbled leather originated. Now, this has been one of the more popular designs on the products of men’s and women’s.

Is pebble leather real leather or not?

Pebble leather is available as real leather and fake leather. Natural leather need to hide scars and faults on its surface that make them inappropriate for use in polished and fine items. Pebbling to the surface will help to conceal these faults and create a usable and great piece of leather. Pebbled leather can be made from split leather or grain leather.

Is pebble-grain leather durable?

The durability of the leather will depend on the quality of the leather because pebbled leather will be real leather or fake leather. You need to read the label to know better whether it is real or not. Real leather will be more durable, and fake leather will be less durable. The strongest part of cow and vegetable tanning processes also has a role in increasing robustness. Weaker sections of the hide will have a shorter shelf life. But still, pebble leather is durable leather.

Benefits of pebbled leather

  • Eye-catching and distinctive leather.
  • Scratches and other marks are less noticeable on it.
  • Available on both real and faux leather
  • Easy to care for it.
  • Durable than other leathers.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Have more design options.
  • The texture of pebble leather is very pleasing.

Uses of pebbled leather

Pebbled leather is a common type of leather and is found on various types of leather items. mostly used to make various items such as shoes, furniture, automobile seats, footballs, handbags, travel bags, backpacks, briefcases, and clothing.

Does pebble leather age well?

Pebble leathers are one type of leather that has gracefully aged and, over time, developed a nice patina. It is more durable than other leather and good to use in purses and wallets because it ages well.

Is pebble leather soft or not?

Pebble leather is a soft type of leather; its texture is also appealing. Often, it is made from soft leather, which makes pebbled leather soft as well.

How to make pebble leather from natural leather?


When leather is prepared, it undergoes the tanning process. The vegetable tanning process is used to make high-quality leather, and chrome tanning makes soft and supple leather.


After tanning, leather is dyed to introduce different colors; the color can be chosen by the leather worker. This step employs a good range of variations, tones, and dye types.


Leather is run through large metal plates after dyeing. On the reverse of the plate, a pebble pattern is etched. When they pass this pattern through a material, it will look like what you want. The pebble pattern is rounded and appears random. The plates are pressed into the leather with great force, which leaves a permanent texture in the material.


This is the final step when the leather has been textured and colored. A protective and clear finish will apply. This will protect the leather and make it water- and scratch-resistant. Some finishes apply beneath the top layer to create a visual effect like a soft shine. On the other hand, it can be a color that interacts well with the color of the leather beneath it. Sometimes UV protectors and fire retardants can be added to automobile upholstery.

How can you care for your pebbled leather?

Pebble leather is easy to care for; follow the guidelines to understand it better.


Clean your leather items by buffing the leather with a brush to keep dirt away. You can also clean with a gentle soap in warm water and apply it with a cloth. Then allow it to dry; you can also use a leather cleaner that is suitable for it.


Regular maintenance is essential for leather items, and you can moisturize the leather with a leather conditioner. This will help to maintain its shine and keep your leather hydrated.


When pebble leather gets wet, you just need to wipe it with a dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally. For shoes, you can use a wooden shoe tree, and you can use newspaper to stuff the shoes and bags. Do not store damp items to prevent mold and other damage. You can use waterproofing products to make your leather waterproof.

Scratches and marks

Try to rub with your fingers first because rubbing may smooth the damage and oil will generate a protective layer. Use leather cream for marks, and if they are deeper, you can use leather filler. You can also get professional help if you can’t do anything. 


This is the final step of caring for pebble leather. You should store your items in a good manner, and keep them. Keep in a dry, cool place, and avoid direct sunlight to prevent color damage and drying. You can also use a dust bag to keep it clean. Do not use plastic bags that can create an environment for mold. For long-term storage, check your items after some time and apply leather cream to keep them fresh.

What is polished pebble leather?

Leather has pores, and therefore leather boots are also porous; they soak up anything and can leave permanent stains, so they need to be protected by some material like wax. Even if you think your boots are 100% water-resistant, they still do not completely resist water. Pebble design leather is protected with a wax polish coat that adds shine and increases the life of the leather.

What is refined pebble leather?

Refined pebble Leather is a luxury leather made of a fine cow pelt. By using a machine “stripper,” the pelt is removed from the animal. Strippers remove a large amount of skin at a time, resulting in big rolls of skin. Then, the skin is taken into a large drum that has water and lime to soften the leather, removing any remaining hairs and whitening the skin. After that, the hide will be shaved to an even thickness, and for further processing, it is cut into sheets. The exterior of it has not been polished, sanded, or snuffed to hide any faults or marks. As a result, grains are not separated, and fibers are long-lasting and strong. The leather will retain less moisture.

Is refined pebble leather real or not?

Pebble leather is made from real leather and fake leather. So many people think it is not real leather, whether it looks like real leather or not. So it might be made of real leather or faux leather.

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