What Is Protein Leather?

protein leather

Protein leather is man-made and synthetic leather. Protein leather is also known as leatherette and is often confused with the term pleather, which refers to plastic leather. This leather is composed of protein powder and resin to make pliable sheets.

Quality of protein leather

Original protein leather has high durability and is used in headphones and car seats. If you take care of protein leather, it can last for decades. It is artificial leather, that is why it is less expensive than real leather and looks like leather as well.

The manufacturing process of protein leather

Artificial protein leather is formed by the mixing of protein powder and resin to form a long-lasting, pliable sheet. Protein leather is made in such a way that it looks and feels like leather. Hence, it can be formed by a skillful and expert person. Eggshells have a great amount of protein, so the protein leather is made with a special type of resin combined with eggshells.

Is pleather and protein leather the same?

Some producers think of them as different leathers because of the ingredients and manufacturing process. As compared to pleather, protein leather has more durability.

The pros of protein leather

  1. It is less expensive than genuine leather.
  1.  Look like real leather. 
  2. machine-made product.
  1. Used to make car seats.

The disadvantages of protein leather

  1. Genuine leather has a shorter lifespan than synthetic leather.
  1. uncomfortable over time. 
  2. They get cracked and torn overtime. 

The difference between protein leather and genuine leather

  1. Genuine leather is made from animal hide, while protein leather is a machine-made product.
  2. Genuine leather is more durable than protein leather.
  3. Genuine leather is more suitable for cold weather than protein leather.
  4. Protein leather is not breathable like real leather.
  5. Protein leather will become sticky in hot weather.

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