What Is Sheepskin Leather?

sheepskin leather

As the name indicate that the sheepskin leather is derived from the skin of sheep, also known as shearling or lambskin leather. Shearling is tanned with fleece intact. That is why Sheepskin is unique among other leathers. The hide of sheepskin is thinner but still, it is strong. Sheepskin Leather has fleece on one side and leather on another side.

Comfort due to sheepskin leather

 The wool line side of sheepskin Leather is worn as the interior of the jackets, boots, gloves, and coats to give comfort and softness. Wool also adds style to your bags, purses, and wallets.

Properties of the sheepskin Leather

Due to fleece, sheepskin Leather has insulating properties as well as resistance to flame and static electricity. As wool is hypoallergenic that is why sheepskin leather is a good choice to make leather items. Fleece not only provides beauty but also provide various benefits.

Uses of Sheepskin Leather

As sheep leather is light in weight that is why mostly it is used to make comfortable clothing such as coats, hats, gloves, and jackets.  They also used to make skirts, wallets, and purses, car seat covers, couches, and belts.

Sheepskin Leather pros

  1.  More comfortable.
  2. Breathable.
  3. Cool in summer and warm in winter.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. Flame-resistant.
  6. Hypoallergenic.
  7. Softer and smooth.
  8. Unique

Sheepskin Leather cons

  1. Require extra care to prevent stains and tears.
  2. Not 100 percent waterproof.
  3. Stretch over time.

How to care for sheepskin Leather?

If your product has extremes stains then you need to contact a cleaner expert. But if Sheepskin leather has mild stains, then you can remove it by using corn starch. By sued a brush, brush the leather in the direction of the grain. After it, apply cornstarch, leave it for almost ten minutes then brush it. Test in a small area before doing this on the entire product. Apply conditioner to make it more durable. Select the conditioner that is suitable for sheepskin Leather because it is soft and absorbent leather. Before applying the conditioner to the entire area, check it out by applying in a small area.

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