What Is Tooling Leather?

tooling leather

Tooling leather is any type of leather that has gone through the process of tooling or imaginative design.

What is Tooling in leather?

Tooling is the process of embellishing or engraving patterns on leather.

Properties of Tooling leather

Tooling leather is generally vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable tanning can make leather soft and easy to work with. Tooling leather is usually expensive due to its creative designs. If you use the appropriate leather, appropriate tools, and creativity, then Tooling leather will have more uses.

Application of Tooling leather

Tolling leather is one of the high-quality leathers and it is used to make belts, bags, holsters, clutches, wallets, and many more.

Availability of Tooling leather

Tolling leather is often pale brown and white, but you can dye it according to your preference. They are available in different thicknesses; you can use the thickness according to your needs. You can attach their layers to make tooling leather thicker.

Advantages of Tooling Leather

  1.  Have great durability, that is why it lasts for decades.
  2. Develop patina over time.
  3. Great for carving shapes into the surface of leather.
  4.  It is ideal for embossing designs and patterns into leather.
  5.  Have an elegant and creative appearance.

Disadvantages of Tooling Leather

  1. Leather quality varies because hides are taken from different animals. Hence, there is an issue of consistency.
  2. Water is required to make this leather.
  3. The process of making tooling leather is slow and labor-intensive.
  4. Costly option.

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