Why are Ariat boots so expensive?

Cowboy boots are a type of riding footwear that was mostly worn by cowboys. These cowboy boots have a high heel made up of stacked leather, a high shaft, a rounded to pointed toe, and no lacing. They are commonly made of cowhide leather, and they are also made from “exotic” skins such as alligator, lizard, eel, snake, ostrich, elk, buffalo, elephant, stingray, and so on. In this article, we will discuss why they are expensive.

About Ariat

Ariat International, located in Union City, California, is an American footwear, apparel, and accessory company for equestrian sports, work industries, and some other outside activities. Beth Cross and Pam Parker launched Ariat in 1993. And it became a well-known brand due to its performance for both English & Western horseback riding footwear.

What is special about Ariat boots that makes them expensive?

They are comfortable and supportive, have a distinct design, and also have modern elements in them. They are made of good quality leather and have a long shaft. That is why they are usually more expensive than other footwear.

How are their cowboy boots made?


Cowboy boots are made of different leathers. Most cowboy boots are made of cowhide or bull hide leather, and they are comparatively cheap. Exotic skin can also be used to make cowboy boots, like alligator, snake, elephant, caiman, ostrich, lizard, and buffalo. and they are very expensive.


Cowboy boots are made up of a long shaft that has a length of almost 11 to 13 inches and needs more leather. The use of more leather will increase the price of the boots, so this is also a factor that makes them expensive.


Most cowboy boots have thick and heavy-duty leather outsoles. They are also more expensive as compared to rubber outsoles.

Styles of Ariat cowboy boots

There are two main styles of cowboy boots.

  1. Western (or classic)
  2. Roper.

Western and Classic style

The classic style is distinguished by a long boot shaft that goes to almost mid-calf and an angled “cowboy” heel that is mostly over one inch high. A little bit lower and angle, the “walking” heel is common.

Western boots’ toes were rounded or squared. The thin pointed-toe fashion came in the early 1940s.

Roper style

One new design, the “roper” style, has a small shoe shaft that ends above the ankle and before the calf mid and a low and squared-off “roper” heel, shaped to the shoe sole, mostly less than one inch high.

Roper footwear is mostly made with rounded toes, but linking with style modifications in streetwear, a squared-toe style is also seen. They are also produced in a lace-up fashion that mostly fits well around the ankle and has less chance to slip off, but lacing also increases safety issues while riding. They also mostly have some sort of decorative stitching.

Are Ariat boots of good quality?

They can be made of different materials, but they are also made of full-grain leather, which makes them good-quality boots. These boots go through a multi-step construction process and extensive testing. They are made with great hardiness, so Ariat boots are popular and of good quality.

Why should you choose Ariat boots?

Maybe some people have a question like why are Ariat boots so popular? What specialties do they have? Or, why should you choose them?

1. First of all, these are good-quality boots.

2. They are fashionable.

3. Boots are durable due to their leather type.

4. Comfortable

5. They are packed with exclusive, creative technical features.

6. Made by re-imagining as well as redesigning conventional items

7. made to suit the requirements of modern-day equestrians.

So, these are the main qualities and features of the Ariat boot that make it special and popular. So you should choose them if you find these qualities.

What factors can affect Ariat boot prices?

Some factors can affect the Ariat boot price. Some common ones are given here.

1. Material.

2. Design

3. Embroidery

4. Brand

5. Size.

6. Amazon fee.

7. Outsoles type.


The first thing that can increase the price is the material. Most cowboy boots are made of cow leather. As we discussed earlier, they are also available in other types of leather, so in this way, their prices may vary according to the quality of the leather. Leather has a great ability to make your boot last.


Cowboy boots are available in several designs and styles. Their structure as well as their style require more work, which will increase their price. The simplest design will have fewer charges as compared to the embroidered ones.


Embroidery has an important role in changing the price. Ariat boots that have heavy embroidery will be expensive. On the other hand, less-embroidered boots can be sold for a lower price.


Price can also vary from brand to brand. Some brands are popular, but they are also very expensive. Not everyone can afford those brands. It is not necessary to get the item from the most popular brand just for its name. You have to consider the quality of the product.

But on the other hand, reliable brands offer better products, so always choose the brand that provides maximum features at an affordable price. You can visit stores to learn more about the prices of different brands. Also, you can search for them in an online store to get boots that fulfill your requirements within your budget.


Sometimes size doesn’t always affect the price, but it does in some cases. Cowboy boots take more leather, so in this case, the price may vary. how much skin is required, and more skin requires more embroidery, so the cost will also go up.

Amazon Fee

Some boots are not affected due to Amazon. But in some cases, the cost may increase due to Amazon.

Sometimes, for online shopping, delivery charges can also increase the price of the product, and this is common on various online shopping platforms.

Outsole type

The outsole type has the potential to decrease or increase the price of the boot. Leather outsoles will be more expensive than rubber outsoles.

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